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What is a full stop - an instant, a second, 3 seconds?
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What is a full stop - an instant, a second, 3 seconds?

Traffic cameras in WA, at least in Lynnwood, take pictures 2.5 seconds apart. It seems that the car must be stopped 2.5 seconds to be considered a full stop. I have heard this but cannot find it in the WA law anywhere.


silver lining
A full stop is just that, a full stop. meaning your tires are no longer in motion, your vehicle is stopped. their is no "set time" and don't let anyone tell you different.
People who say their is a 3 second rule are probably the ones who grew up looking to their left, right, then left again before proceeding, this is a good habit to get into, and it takes about 3 seconds.

I figure if my wheels come to a complete stop...even for a millisecond...I complied with the law.

When in doubt, just do it anyways.

In the Alberta Highway Traffic Act (Canada), the definition of STOP is "a complete cessation from vehiclular movement". This would mean no rolling whatsoever. I tell my students (yes, Im a driving instructor) to stop and then say to themselves "I HAVE STOPPED". This takes approximately 2 - 3 seconds. I can't see how a photograph would prove you didn't stop. A video camera would show this however. A policeman stopped around the corner would witness whether you stopped or not. In Alberta, there is a $289. fine and a loss of 3 demerits on your driver's licence if a police officer gives you a ticket. Added to that is the record on your Driver's Abstract, which the insurance company will see and increase your insurance significantly. Bottom line........make sure you stop! It hits your wallet hard! Oh, and that stop sign is probably there for a reason (smile).....

'Sunnyside Up'
A full stop is when the vehicle comes to a complete motionless stand still. Only then are you to take your foot of the break and apply it to the accellerator, of course checking for oncoming traffic. In our state, practically no one does a complete stop.

I found the count to 1-2-3 law right next to this one:

But seriously, a rule that you should stop only as long until it is safe to proceed is all that anyone should be required to obey. Washington is a sovereign state much like California so you have your own laws, much of which I am not very familiar. But I imagine if one would stop, count to 3, and drive into another, then that would be illegal by any law makers' standards. Obviously such a law if it does in fact exist does not exist for the right reasons and reform would be a necessity.

I think it's three seconds. When I took my driving test I was told to count to three at a stop sign, before moving on. I'm not sure theres an actual law, but that seems to be the rule of thumb.

Smarter than the average bear
The law in my state is that your wheels must stop moving.

When the cars' weight shifts. As soon as you stop and you feel that weight shift and your not being pushed on your seatbelt anymore that is a full stop.

Greg L
Laws in many states are different for how long a "stop" is. It is best, in any area, to wait 3 to 5 seconds so that you have time to see if there is any oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or other safety concerns. It takes 1.6 seconds, by the science, for your eyes and brain to see and begin to react to a concern. it then takes 0.5 seconds to get your muscles to start to move, so now you are over 2 seconds, and you haven't even put in radio, conversations, and other distractions. It is also helpful because Police have the same reaction times, and if you stop for 3 seconds, they will register the stop in their own heads.

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