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What is more dangerous for kids 4-wheelers or dirt bikes?
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What is more dangerous for kids 4-wheelers or dirt bikes?


Dirt bikes are safer for several reasons. Dirt bikes are more like riding regular bikes, which is something that most kids know how to do. The turning of a bike and dirt bike is done less with handlebars and more with a leaning motion. This helps to change the center of gravity, and place the weight of the rider away from the bike when a fall starts. Dirt bikes tend to not fall on the rider during a fall, and if they do, it tends to be less of the bike. In the case of quads and trikes, the rider is almost always confined within an imaginary box located very close to the bike. Falls on quads and trikes tend to be rollover type injuries. Secondly, when it comes to the weights of the two concerned, a similiar size (displacement of engine, or cc) bike will be smaller than a trike or quad. Think about, the parts to control and hold together two wheels would be less than that of three or four wheels. Thirdly, I'll use my own emergency room experience as a doctor. I see far more injuries to children coming from trikes and quads than I ever see from bikes.

Doc Brown

dirt bike.....much more difficult to control

They both have their pros and cons. 4-Wheelers being heavier and dirtbikes being faster are just a couple.

dirt bikes for sure!!!

dirt bikes

Both of them if they are driven in an unsafe manner. Neither one if they are driven in a safe manner and never have an accident, or cause one.

It isn't the machine that is unsafe, it is the driver.

Four wheelers are definitely more dangerous..if they fall off, the quad will run over them..if they fall off a dirt bike..they just fall off.

gary v
The rider is what makes it dangerous.

I agree with USCFiji

Quad bikes are harder turn, and are much heavier.

But if your prepared to spend time teaching the kids how to ride properly and always to use helmets and other safety gear, then I quess the choice is ultimately yours.

Maybe you should ask your motorbike retailer what their opinion is, before buying any bike.

Really the answer is either as it will all come down to how they learned to ride a ATV or a bike, there are ATV and MX rider courses available that teach kids the safe way to ride, remember it is the rider not the bike that has accidents play it safe take the training.

it depends on the age,,most likely 4 wheeler,,because they can flip on the person

That all depends on the ages of the children, their riding experience, are they risk takers, just a whole bunch of stuff. You can wreck and get hurt on four wheels just as easy as two, you make the decision for your situation. Good luck.

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