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What is the best method to drive down a huge snowy hill?
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What is the best method to drive down a huge snowy hill?

Fresh snow..ice under it. What is the best way if any to approach this? We got dumped on last night and cars were turning around and going back home rather then taking on this hill.


Just do it slowly and let off the brake/gas if you start to skid. I'm from Wisconsin and there is no amount of snowfall that is enough to keep people off of the road.

how does the next street over look like?

if you have no choice then to go down the hill i would suggest do it in low gear or neutral and hug the curb. do not ride the breaks and always remember to turn away from the slide i have had the same problem. good luck and if you don't need to drive it don't.

Turn around is the best policy. Other wise put your car in the lowest gear possible and try and coast down. If it is to steep where you will have to brake dont do it. Braking will send you into a spin. When it snows slow down speed is your biggest enemy and brake as lightly as possible. If you drive a stick shift push in the clutch when you start to slide, this will usually be enough to help you gain control. And never use cruise control.

Helpful person
It depends if any other cars have gone down first and the steepness of the hill. In general, if you can drive on an area that hasn't been tracked you should be OK. Go down as slowly as possible (in neutral so that the engine isn't fighting the brakes), checking your speed to a slow crawl with your brakes. If you start to slide you need to stop braking to regain steerage.

However, it's safer not to go down at all if you're worried. Being worried means that you probably don't have the skill or the vehicle to make it safely/

I don't care for you much
I don't know how to put this but I grew up in the midwest cold ice snow all that..In my experience even when your driving on a flat straight road with the conditions you've explained above things happen..You can slide outta control at the drop of a hat unexplained for no reason..I don't think there is a best method, dangerous all around

drop your car into the lowest gear possible and stay on your breaks the whole time... once you let off the breaks you will just slip if you try to use them again... and the lowest gear helps put the least amount of power to the tires and reduces the speed of your car

good luck!

Andy C
Find another route.

If that's not possible, put your car in the lowest gear and roll down the hill. Avoid using your brakes unless you can't help it, and if you do use them just touch them lightly. Don't let your car build up any speed - keep it as slow as possible.

Also, if you see someone start to pull out or there is something you need to stop for, start doing it as soon as possible. Accept you might not come to a complete stop at all of the stop signs / lights, and be looking for traffic and be ready for it as soon as possible. Have a plan for ways to stop in an emergency - i.e. pick out what you are going to hit or where you are going to go off the road if you need to.

It can make a big difference if you try and stay only in clear patches on the road, so unless there is other traffic, pick the clearest lane.

Well, if you have chains that would be the ideal way to do it. If the hill isn't too big you could sprinkle some cat litter on it. But you said it's big so that probably wouldn't be feasible.

If you have to just drive down it I would say the primary thing is you have to maintain control and be able to steer, even if you can't completely stop it's still better to go down in a controlled fashion. So, use your brakes lightly, if you lock your wheels up you won't be able to steer and the car will slide out of control. Ideally you would want to press as hard as you can on the brakes without locking your wheels up. Steer lightly also. If theres no oncoming traffic don't be afraid to use the both lanes to make wide, sweeping turns as opposed to sharp corners.

If you do start to slide let off the brakes! This may sound counterintuitive but the best thing to do in that situation is get the car back under control, and locking up your wheels by jamming on the brakes will prevent you from doing that. Countersteer and try to get the car going straight again, then you can lightly press the brakes and try and slow down.

If the hill just looks too slippery then don't try it! Better to miss a day of work then wreck your car.

You drive in low gear. You put your two right wheels on the shoulder. If you start to skid, pull to the shoulder.

Ease up on the gas if your car starts to slip in place while you're trying to accelerate from a standstill. Remember, the wheels have better traction when they are not slipping.

If you have an automatic transmission put the selector lever to 2. Most cars lock the transmission in second gear to facilitate easier starting from a slippery surface.

When stopping plan well in advance, apply the brakes gently, and slowly add pressure rather than fast sudden braking. Intersections are often extremely icy so do not rely on being able to come to a stop in your normal bare pavement zone.

If your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, the best thing you can do to stop the car quickly is to apply firm constant pressure to the brake pedal.

The ABS system will maintain traction, and you will be able to steer the car during braking. If your car doesn't have anti-lock brakes and the wheels do lock, release the brake and re-apply gently.

Usually, repeatedly tapping the brakes has good results. Do not try to steer a car not equipped with ABS if your wheels are locked or close to locking.

If there is an obstacle in your path and a collision is imminent, it is best to release the brakes to unlock the front wheels and steer around the obstacle with no gas pedal applied

Anastasia Beaverhousen
Coast down it. Don't slam on the breaks to stop.

i've heard that wrapping chains are the tires helps, but other than that, try going very slowly or have some people push the car

The best way is to plan to go off the bottom end of the hill free rolling, totally out of control. If you can see your way clear to do it that way, everything else will fall into place. Put it in low gear before you head down.

You can brake, but only to the point that you lose steering, and then you'll have to let the brakes off and just roll down.

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