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What is the cut off date for the new law for getting your drivers license at age 16 in California?
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What is the cut off date for the new law for getting your drivers license at age 16 in California?

i know it was changed from 16 to 18 to get your license but, i don't know what the cut off date is. any help?


George A
No it's not.
I have not seen anything in any news articles that CA is changing their teen driving laws.

The rumors going around that start "If you were born after 1992 (1994), you can no longer get your permit (license) until you are 18" are a myth.

The 2009 CA Driver's Handbook still lists the Permit age at 15 1/2 & the Provisional License age at 16. Also, the states DMV website has no information that the laws are changing either.


There is no information that the CA Legislature is working on a Bill that will change the current teen driving laws. Also, there has been no news that the Governor is waiting for any Bill that will change the age to sign into law.

Unless the politicians in CA is keeping this a big secret, it's not going to happen, and what you've heard is just a continuation of the myth that has been circulating for months if not years.

It was never changed its still 15 1/2 years of age.......

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