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What kind of car seat should i have for my 5 year old?
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What kind of car seat should i have for my 5 year old?

shes in a booster with no back but i think she should have a back..alothough i dont want to go buy a $50 car seat with the back if shes not going to use it long....


It doesnt matter what kind you get... If it says DOT Approved... you got a good product.

Just my words
I'm so sorry you have even had to ask this question.. But more Sorry that you have to internet and have not used it to look up all the info on the local sites.......

Please Please for you're child's safety Look over the following site / Link below.. You will not be sorry this i Promise you..



Good Luck

She will need a booster seat for *years* still... most children do not outgrow the need for a booster till they are between 8 and 10 yrs old. Don't be fooled by the state laws that may allow them to be out of boosters sooner... the laws of Physics don't care what state you live in. http://www.carseat.org/Boosters/630.html

That said, she's actually better off in a *harnessed* carseat that will convert to a high back or low back booster. Every step 'up' in carseats is a step down in safety. Even race car drivers use a 5 point harness when they drive because they are *safer*... so as long as a seat exists that will keep your child harnessed it would be best to use that.

I would recommend the 'Graco Nautilis'... it will go all the way till she is really ready for an adult seat belt. At around $150 it is the cheapest seat on the market that will harness past 40 pounds. I know that is pricey... but if you search youtube a bit you will find several videos made by grieving parents who are trying to save others from losing a child by putting that child in a booster too soon.

Hope that helps!

Even though a high back booster or a harnessed seat that goes to a high weight limit is best, as long as the seat back you have the booster it high backed and her neck is not above the seat and the seat belt comes across her chest and not her neck and the lap belt is across her legs and she is in tight she is o.k. in a backless. Also if she is small for her age, a high backed or harnessed seat might be better. You can also buy a booster with a back that will detach. I can't remember the name, but I think Graco makes them.

just get one with no back
you might be able to find one for cheap at a
baby resale place.

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