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What should you do when your tire blows out on your car while driving?
Find answers to your legal question.

What should you do when your tire blows out on your car while driving?

I learned this in driving school, but that was like 11 years ago and I have since forgotten. . .bad I know.
This happened to a friend recently and so I thought now would be a good time to have a refresher.
Also what do you do when your breaks fail on your car when you are driving?


You pull off the road and call someone to help if there is anyone you know close by....this is more for safety reasons. Once they're there change the tire to the spare and get a replacement tire as soon as you can.

If you are on the road and don't know anyone....Pull off and change the tire. If you don't know how to do this. Use your cell phone to cal 411 for a local towing company to come pick you up. Or the Local police so that you are safe, especially if it's night time.

Do NOT slam on the brakes. Coast as gently as possible to the side of the road.
When brakes fail, put car in 1st gear and again, gently coast to the side of the road. Parking brakes generally are never used and will probably not stop a car if needed in an emergency.

Take your foot off the gass,(DO NOT USE THE BRAKES !), shift into a lower gear, and allow the car to slow itself, as it slows gradually move off the road, and then lightly apply the Brakes to fully stop.

Try to keep the car moving in a straight line and don't slam on the brakes, but tap them gently, easing the car to a gradual stop.

If your brakes fail, you still have your emergency brake. In a stick shift, downshift until you can get the car into first gear and pull your handbrake (slowly). If that fails leave the car in gear and turn off the engine.

Hold it then steer to the side of the road. leave flashers on.


Grab the steering wheel as tight as you can to keep control of the vehicle and pull off to the side immediately to avoid getting hit. If your brakes fail, look around for the best place to "glide" to in order to safely come to a complete stop, and use your emergency brake.

Joe T
Accelerate then get off the road safely as you slow to a stop.

For the brakes you downshift and pull the emergency brake slowly as possible.

earl r
pull over

The Mr. Pine
Just stop accelerating and brake slowly if you have to and get to the side of the road.

Take your foot off the gas and decelerate slowly as you steer your care to the side of the road, then gently brake until you come to a complete stop. Try to park on a flat, hard surface so that you can use a jack properly. Consult your car's manual to see where to place the jack correctly. Put on your hazard lights.

If your breaks fail, if possible coast to a stop, or use the emergency brake. Proper and timely maintenance and inspection of brakes should keep this from happening. If your brakes start to squeal when you apply them, they need replacing immediately.

Tire blow out: Remain calm and take your foot off the gas and place it FLAT ON THE FLOOR. Turn on your 4way flashers and continue to grip the steering wheel firmly, yet not in a "DEATH GRIP". If it is a rear tire, you may apply steady brake pressure, but not abruptly. If you have lost a front tire, after coasting to reduce roadspeed, you may gently brake in order to get off the road.

***If a front tire blows out, you can expect the car to pull in that direction*****

Loss of Brakes or brake pressure:
Tuck and roll..... Just kidding!! :-) In an automatic vehicle, pull your transmission selector to a lower gear, in a manual transmission, downshift.

Most importantly in either case, if you are going to cause a greater accident by remaining on the road or are totally out of control, find a soft patch of ground or guardrail to run against in order to save both yourself and passenger and anyone else whom you may jeopardize by not doing so. It is NOT first nature to do this, but replacing a car or having body work done is cheaper than seriously injuring someone in an auto accident.

brake lightly,pull to side of the road slowly.use the emergency brake,if it has a release button hold the button in while using the brake or down shift to a lower gear

First off, DO NOT SLAM ON THE BRAKES, this is the absolute worst thing you can do. The best thing to do is apply moderate brake pressure, and come to a gradual stop, don't try to stop on a dime, you will lose control. If you just slowly apply the brakes, and come to a slow stop you will stop safer. When a tire blows out, you will start lose control and you will usually over steer to compensate for it. Just aim to steer straight and to not make any sudden movments, if you are on the rim (usually induced in a blowout), you will lose traction and that end of the vehicle will have the tendency to slide out.

I think you need a new auto.
Blown tire: Slow down and pull off road. Do not make any sudden turns.

Brakes fail: slow down and gear down. Move to side of road until you stop.

Good luck.

pull on the side of the road and flash your lights so know one hits you and call for help

A guess...

Decrease speed. Control steering as the car will be trying to go where it wants to now that it has three tires.

Pump brakes intermittantly? Has this changed since ABS?

mister ss
If your tire blows out never hit the brakes, let it coast until you can come to a stop, and if your brakes fail use your emergency brake to stop and also gear the transmission down to a lower gear until you come to a stop.

Joe Bunda
i have done this before! when a tire goes out turn to the oposite side of the blown tire and slow to a stop. if brakes goe out down shift or if in an automatic, use the e-brake.

Stop or else you will ruin the tires. If you must drive a little ways to pull off the side you can.

Either pull over and fix the problem if you have the proper materials to do with you otherwise either stop and call Triple A or keep driving until you get to the nearest gas/service station.

let off the accelerator try to keep your steering wheel strait and use your hand brake turn on your 4 way lights if your brakes fail use your hand bake a.k.a e brake (emergence brake) if you have to try rubbing the side of your tire on the side of the curb to slow you down

I had my breaks fail when all 4 tires blew out at the same time. I died. I learned my lesson. Now I drive on my rims so I don't have to worry about my tires anymore.

stupid question!

Helen E
well obviusly ...you eat ur tire and put a wheel of cheese for ur spare tire..and when ur brakes fail you...you can always put a clump of hair for ur new brake...i did this and it was awesome and i will never regret cutting all my hair off..and P.S i ate a pink lizard at the mall..maybe u will too :]

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