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What sign should i use when parallel parking ? hazards lights? or just direction light?
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What sign should i use when parallel parking ? hazards lights? or just direction light?

i just want to know that because im presenting my test soon and i dont know this one!


If it's a regular road test, then you just use your right signal. If by chance it's a CDL road test, then yes you hit your four-ways before coming to a stop, then perform your backing procedure. Good luck.

Direction, unless you've already hit something.

Megan B
direction light

direction lights, signal when pulling in and pulling out. Also don't forget to put the car back in drive when pulling out! A lot of people forget that and fail the test.

Mike M
direction light

Hazard lights are never to be used when in motion.

mr. y

When parallel parking, use right turn signal and then back in.


u use the turn signal. toward the spot that your backing into, so if the spots on the right, its the right signal,

direction lights.




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