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What to do if your vehicle stalls while driving on a highway? What is an off-road recovery and how is it done?
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What to do if your vehicle stalls while driving on a highway? What is an off-road recovery and how is it done?

What should you do if your car stalls while you're driving down a road? I don't mean what you should do after you've gotten off the road safely, but what you should do ON the road going at 50 mph when it stalls suddenly.

And what is an off-road recovery? If you know what it is, can you tell me how to preform one?



If your car stalls you should turn on your flashers, pull over slowly, and park of the shoulder of the road.

Off-road recovery if when you are somehow not on the should put completely off the pavement. The manual says not to panic and swerve back onto the road. You are supposed to drive until your car slows to about 25mph and then turn u wheel a quarter turn towards the road, so your tires can climb onto the pavement.

George A
Place car in neutral, turn on hazard flashers to warn the drivers behind you, apply brakes and slow vehicle down so you can safely pull onto the berm or shoulder of the road without flipping the car or crashing. Since almost all cars are equipped with power brakes, you will get just one easy push on your brake pedal. If you release the brake and go to re-apply your brakes you will need to press very hard to compensate.

An off road recovery is just that- the vehicle is off the road. The vehicle may be over an embankment, ran off the road and ended up in a hay field, etc. Techniques vary upon the location of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is on it's wheels, side or top and other hazards to name a few.

Your all morons
ok, first you put the gear shifter in (N) and coast, safely coming to a stop at the side of the road.

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