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What would you do if someone breaks into your car?
Find answers to your legal question.

What would you do if someone breaks into your car?

A) Watch from a safe distance like a punk
B) Call the police (they won't get there until at least 20 min.)
C) Raise your arms to look bigger and make loud noise to hopefully scare them away
D) Surprise him by stabbing him with a knife, sword, or spear
E) End their life (I think this is excessive)
F) Other


Usually calling attention to the act is enough to scare them off. This should be done AT A SAFE DISTANCE. Remember that they are probably not professional car thieves, but junkies looking for something to turn into $$$$. And, as junkies, their response to you cannot be predicted

B) Call the police and wait, the car and its contents can be replaced...

C, then B, and I'd be ready for E in case they come after me.

C. I heard this also works with bears.

chauncey barnes
call superman he is the man, in a super way

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