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When driving an automatic car do you pull your hand break and put into netural when you stop at traffic lights
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When driving an automatic car do you pull your hand break and put into netural when you stop at traffic lights


You should only apply the foot brake. your transmission is designed to be in an almost neutral position when your foot is on the brake.
some drag will be evident due to the torque converter ( kind of like the clutch in a manual trans car).
but just applying the foot brake is enough.

no, I just depress the foot brake. it takes too long to undo the hand break and put it back into drive when the light changes. there's no point in doing it anyway.

If you are waiting for any period of time, you should apply the handbrake and shift the transmission to neutral.

If you leave the transmission in drive, the torque converter is held in the stalled position and therefore no oil is circulated through the oil cooler causing transmission overheating.

Putting the transmission into neutral allows the torque converter and associated oil pump to rotate and circulate transmission fluid through the cooler maintaining correct operating temperature.

Hope this helps.

Fraggle rawk
No, never.

Switching to neutral and back at every light will wear out your transmission quicker. I'm not sure why you would engage the e-brake at a light. If you're worried your foot might slip off and cause an accident, I would seriously think about using public transportation.

No that is why it is called a automatic ,it do,s it for you .

bobby a
yes i think so, but just to be on the safe side, i'd ask the dealer atleast!

No it is an automatic no need the car will stay put unless you are on a hill use the breaks that is what they are there for.

What's the point of doing that? It just takes you longer to get going on the green light, annoying other drivers. Why not hold your foot on the brake like everyone else?

depressing the brake pedal is enough except your concentration is .... or suffering some form of muscular paralysis...lol

in my 27 years of driving i have never even heard of someone doing this before

and i have no plans of starting either

I'm curious what made you think of this question?

No you don't need to put it into neutral, just keep your foot on the brake pedal, and I'd only use the hand brake if I was starting on a hill to prevent any roll back.

George T
No, I'm pretty sure It's not going to help your fuel economy at all and it just gives you the opportunity to forget to put it on and risk going into the intersection or forgetting to take it off and driving with the emergency brake engaged. It's simpler and easier to just push the brake pedal.

The answer is no. An automatic transmission is designed to be in gear while completely still and pulling the handbrake completely defeats the purpose of having the footbrake anyway. If you'll notice the hand brake is properly called the emergency brake or the parking brake neither of which you are doing at a traffic light.

On the rare occasions I drive an automatic, I always do this if there's someone stopped behind me. Otherwise I'd be blinding them with my brake lights, which is a contravention of Highway Code rule 94: You MUST NOT
* use any lights in a way which would dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users

I always keep my foot on the brake pedal, to keep the brake lights illuminated, until the car approaching from behind has almost stopped.

Apply the handbrake - yes.
Shift into neutral - no. It causes more damage to the transmission when you shift in and out of drive than if you leave it in drive.

Definitely put on the handbrake, leave it in drive, and definitely keep your foot off the accelerator! When the lights change to red+amber, put your foot back on the footbrake, release the handbrake and when the lights change to green, take your foot off the brake and the car should start to slowly creep forward. When it does that, slowly squeeze the accelerator pedal to build up speed.

Roachy 2,
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr yes dear !!!!!!!!!!

The hand break is referred to as the PARKING brake.
Note that when you stop at a light, you are NOT PARKED you are only stopped. Why would you put the park break on?
Constant shifting from neutral to drive will damage the transmission.

no, just step into the break, if you are very low on fuel go to neutral and step into the break

No just pull the handbreak up

Well, you should do. Especially at night, as it's the height of bad manners to shine your brake lights into the face of the person behind you.

retep g
If you were on your test and you did'nt put the handbrake on you would fail.

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