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When driving,if you hit a dog,should you report it?
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When driving,if you hit a dog,should you report it?

i am a passenger assistant with the council,the driver of the bus i was on hit a dog in the town,he just got out to see if it was dead,then when a passerbye came over,he left,i said ( while teary , that he should have reported it to the police) he said since the dog license stopped,you do not need to,he saw the dog on the pavement it was not on a leash,he was travelling at about 35 miles per hour and could not stop in time when it walked in to the road,,when i am travelling in my car through a town,that has children etc running around i annoy people by driving at about 25 mph.but at least i could stop in time,this guy is driving a mini bus..


Good for you. Yes, an accident involving a dog IS reportable.

This is a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Cats and poultry are not covered by this act as they are classed as free roaming animals but cattle, horses, asses, mules, pigs, sheep, goats and dogs are included.

If you're concerned about this guy's driving, you ought according to your conscience tell your superiors about it. He has a responsibility to everyone, including his passengers.

Cat burgler
Yes you need to report a dog but not a cat funnily enough! This is because dogs are seen as part of the family and are seen to be missed more (or something like that).

Well if he didn't report it then you should, and report him while you're at it. He might knock a kid down next time, he shouldn't be driving if he's going to be this irresponsible.

Yes, you are legally required to report it, because a dog is classed as a working animal (even if it's only a pet), same category as horses and oxen, etc. The law regards it as a "capital asset".

Not so cats - no matter how much you adore Tiddles, legally he's "vermin".

yes its the law

I thought you still had to report it as it is still classed as an accident. he could be in trouble for not stopping at the scene of an accident. When did it happen? Is it too late to call them? What has happened to the dog? Is it still there, dead on the pavement? Poor thing

yes its the law.

When I did I reported it, police came, took my details, breathalysed me, had to produce my documents within 7days - and that was that. But I still images of the dog it upsets me. What makes me sick is, if I hit a child a lot worse would have happened.

London Girl
Yes if you hit a dog you must report it, but not a cat funnily enough!! That's law for you.

But I agree with you and you are right.

lilian c

The original Peter G
A dog represents a reportable accident. He should have exchanged details with the dogs keeper or reported it to the police. It's also an offence to leave an injured animal.

It would be nice to try and inform the owner or RSPCA but I'm sure the police wouldn't be interested and if you were driving a bus, you haven't really time to knock on doors to find out the owner. It's probably a judgement call and up to your conscience

no. the dog is dead and the harm has been done. it may sound mean to somebody who lives in a city but i live in a rural area and it's not unusual for someone to hit a deer and just move it to the side of the road.

as long as that bus driver wasn't doing something completely neglectful there is no reason for him to be in trouble.

My neighbours dog got hit and killed by a bus drive today, he did not bother to report it to his supvervisors, but I did, I hope he looses his job

my best friends dog was knocked down by a bus two days ago, driver went over him twice, he didnt stop, was only going 20 miles an hour with no passengers on board, absolutely no reason not to stop..as you can imagine there was not alot left of him, but he managed to hang on till we got to him, then sadly he passed away....the question being are the laws any different for buses??

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