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When taking driving test, should I indicate when going around a parked car?
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When taking driving test, should I indicate when going around a parked car?

When taking my practical driving test, do I need to indicate to go around a stationery vehicle on the side of the road?


Ansell A
If you are moving out to pass then yes.

I think it depends on the positioning of the car.

For example if the car is causing an obstruction to you in that you would have to stop if a car was coming towards you in the other direction, then yes, indicate.

But a lot of roads have spaces at the side of the road for parking in. In this case, no!

I think just whatever feels natural to you!

Good luck in your test!

Alexa w
Yes if they are parked on the roadside, you should indicate to allow others to prepare to change their direction/ that there is an obstacle.
Remember to look in your mirrors first!

Pete the driving instructor
Like most things in driving it is not simply a case of yes or no!

If you indicate for every parked car then you are guilty of what we call 'flickeritis' the problem being that when you eventually indicate to turn right the driver behind might just take it that you are going around another parked vehicle.

If you do not indicate then there is a chance of another vehicle trying to overtake you as you start to move out round the parked vehicle and this is clearly dangerous.

The best option is to check both centre and right mirrors well before you reach the parked vehicle and indicate if there is anyone reasonably close behind you to warn them of your intention. Remember they might not be able to see that vehicle in front of you!

Also you should indicate if there is someone in the parked vehicle.

Lastly, the best advise of all is if you are not sure then indicate!

Your instructor should have explained this to you, if not maybe you should think about getting another instructor.

At www.academy.me.uk all our instructors on our residential intensive driving courses would give you clear advice that's why they are all grade 5 or 6 and you should expect the same level of instruction from your instructor

Hope the info helps

Kerry K
yes - you should always indicate when changing position in the road - follow the M S M rule of thumb - Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.

yes you should always indicate when performing any maneuver which causes you to cross the white line in the middle of the road. if however, you are going around a parked car that has a right hand turning opposite or close by be sure to indicate around the parked car but then cancel your signal as soon as you have pulled out to avoid confusion with the turning.

yeah better to be safe then sorry

Angela D
It would depend upon how much of an obstruction the parked car was and therefore how much of a maneuver you had to make to go round it.

I would suggest you really should be asking your driving instructor this question....not us.

Ive always been told to indicate only if there is someone there to see you such as a person in a car or a pedestrain on my driving test this happened and i had to overtake a parked truck but nobody was around so i said out loud nobody here so need to signal.. i passed so it should work!!

Trevor h
Always indicate at a junction
Always Indicate at a Roundabout

At other times (including parked Vehicles) - only indicate if it would benefit other road users. So you have to make the judgement here - in the main the answer is no - watch all the other drivers on the road - do they indicate around Parked cars?

Dirty Harry
I am 90% sure you don't. My instructor told me not to but I was never quite sure if he had accidently got confused.

What you should NOT do is not drive on the extreme left of the road, and keep swerving to the right and indicating.

What you SHOULD do is drive nearer the centre (but not dangerously near) and indicating isn't necessary as you're not changing lanes or direction.

Could you imagine yourself indicating past a whole road full of parked vehicles?

Nick A
Yes however only if it is well in your path and have to come close or have to cross the central line, it the car is well on the pavement and dont have to any slowing down or much maneuvering then no

What I was taught when learning to drive was that you don't indicate when passing a stationary car. Unless:

* There is someone in the parked car, who might be likely to either drive off or open a door.
* You have had to stop behind the parked car to let oncoming traffic past and there is a car behind you. They might not know whether you are parking behind the car or are moving off. In this case, only indicate when you are about to move off; don't just sit there with the indicators on while a queue of traffic is coming in the other direction.

It is surely pretty obvious to other road users that you are going to pass a parked car (rather than run into the back of it). But a driver following you might think you are turning right into a side road if you indicate.

BTW a stationary vehicle is one that is not moving; a stationery vehicle is one that is carrying paper and envelopes!

Sam B
Yeah just do it any way, driving instructors LOVE it when you are Hazard Perceptive !!!
so every time you turn a direction, MAKE SURE you check that blind spot, go slow, do 10Klms under (or america 5mile) under, just make sure your really watching out =)

Technically yes. Comes under the heading of making other drivers aware of your intentions. If there's nobody else about then it's less important.

I believe so, I'm about to go for my driving test and my instructor has me indicating to go around parked cars, hope this helps and good luck.

yes you should

Yes always and good luck....

Yes of course you should - you are making a manouver which will take you over the central white line, therefore you must inform the oncoming drivers and drivers behind of your intention.

yes deinitely cos the car behind you may not see the parked car and will not be prepared if u suddenly swerve out of the way. good luck in your driving test! :)


nope, definitely not

good luck!!

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