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Which side of the road should people walk on? If there is no sidewalk (mountain roads, etc) then which side?
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Which side of the road should people walk on? If there is no sidewalk (mountain roads, etc) then which side?

Yesterday, while driving in the mountains, my wife and I saw a woman walking up the right-hand lane, facing oncoming traffic. We immediately started discussing which side is legal, and/or appropriate, The woman walking was not on the road, but there wasn't much of a shoulder. Thank you.


You should walk against traffic so you can see what is coming. To walk with traffic will 80% of the time get you hit from behind.

Sonya K
i think that the woman was walking the right way towards the on coming traffic. therefor the driver could see her but i am not really sure

Pedestrians should walk facing traffic.

Sherie D
I was always told that you are supposed to walk/ride your bike facing oncoming traffic, so they can see you better....i think she was right

Veronica Alicia
If you face the oncoming traffic, you have a chance of leaping into the bushes when a driver cuts too close. If you can't see him/her you are unable to take evasive action quickly enough.
You will also be more visible to a driver if you are facing him.

leonard s
she was doing the right thing.that way she could see the traffic come and get out of the way.

Pedantic Scorpion
In the UK, the official guidance is to walk facing on coming traffic - so you can see better. Unless you're a troop of soldiers, in which case you behave as if you were a vehicle!

Wired for Sound
Ok... My turn...

According to everything I was ever taught on this subject, as a pedestrian, you move against traffic. That is, you walk (or run) on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic in the US and on the right in the UK. This affords you the opportunity to see those coming at you and maybe have a chance to get out of the way if they swerve toward you. It also keeps you away from traffic going the same direction as you that is coming at you from the back. It's hard to duck if you can't see them coming. :-}

If you are riding a bicycle, you are classified as a vehicle. You ride with traffic, on the same side of the road as traffic moving the same direction as you are going.

If given the choice, you should use a sidewalk or bike path and get as far away from cars as you can get.... Yeah.. .I know..." I have the right to be there" ... but it's a decision that could make you dead right!

Safe walking... or riding...

This is one question that I need answering! lol. Living in the UK. If the traffic is on the left side, shouldn't you run on the right side, so that you can see the cars which are/aren't coming and so they can go round you. I do a lot of running so this topic is definately relevant!

Fred C
Facing traffic, didn't you learn that in kindergarten or grade 1? If you are walking on the road or the shoulder, you always face traffic so you can see any vehicle coming that may pose a danger to you.
If riding a bicycle, you ride with traffic, because you are a vehicle. If you are walking your bicycle, again, you walk against traffic.
If there is a sidewalk, you can walk with, or facing traffic, because you are in a segregated space

The woman you saw was doing the correct thing. You should always walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. That way you can see the cars coming toward you, and step out of the way if necessary.

You should always walk facing oncoming traffic so that you can jump out of the way of an idiot driving erratically.

Legally, you aren't supposed to walk along the road when there isnt' a sidewalk or ample shoulder, but that isn't a particularly practical or well-enforced law.

The general wisdom in my area is to walk on the left, so that you can have better warning of oncoming cars.

How about a sidewalk - you know there are more than 1 road in every town.

There has to be a place to safely walk

You are supposed to walk on the side with the traffic going the same direction as you. This is in the US at least.

If you pull out of a driveway to turn right, you pull up, look left to see if there is any cars in the right lane, then you turn right. You don't look right until you're turning into the lane. So, if someone were to be coming down the sidewalk from the right side of your car (facing oncoming traffic) on a bike or something, you would pull up and turn before even seeing them. Very likely you could hit them or, on a bike, they could slam into the side of your car.

Hence, you're supposed to walk/ride with traffic. I presume this is the same in left side driving in other countries, just flip the sides around.

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