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Who's fault is it if a car hits an oncoming car at an intersection?
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Who's fault is it if a car hits an oncoming car at an intersection?

If a car is at an intersection and wants to make a turn at the green light (but no arrow, just green) and the oncoming lane's signal turns yellow, is he supposed to take it for granted that the other car will slow down? Today, I made the dumb decision to race a yellow light because I was late for a meeting. I usually slow down but today was different. A car almost hit me because I guess he took it for granted that I was going to slow down. If he had hit me, whose fault would it have been? I know I was going fast, but the light was still yellow, not red.


mom 2-2
I think that unless the light had turned red, you had the right of way. They would have had to cross your lane of traffic and it would have been their fault.
Glad you were not hurt.

well speeding through a yellow will always get you in trouble. as they say yellow does not mean "hurry up" or "floor it" I have seen it go both ways, but beware.

Friendly Stranger..
When you are sitting at an intersection, you must always be looking to see if the way is clear. If you see that the light on the other side is changing, and you are in the intersection already then you should go. The reason is because you cannot block an intersection. However what you need to do is be more careful. Don't assume that a driver will slow down just because of a light turning yellow. I have seen many drivers run red lights, so the fact that they may slow down is not always sure. If you feel like you can make the light then do so, but again you need to make sure your way is clear. I would say the person coming that almost hit you would have been at fault if he hit you. It is his responsibility to watch for traffic just like it is yours. So I think both of you have to pay attention. If one does not, then you have an accident. But you also have the issue of right of way. If you have the right of way, and they go first and you are hit, then they are at fault because you were supposed to go first.

f it is yellow and you are able to stop you must stop. But at the same time the other guy is not allowed to turn until the road is clear. I think the other guy would have been at fault but it is a 'grey' area.


never assume anything. if you turn in front of someone and you crash, its your fault. he did not make sure you were stopping. but then the police or insurance co might say that you were 50% at fault for not slowing for a yellow.

Shane A
Both are at fault, his for turning in front of you. Yours for entering the intersection on a yellow, especially speeding up to beat the light. Some states it is against the law to speed up for a yellow light.

Depends on the laws in your state. But the law here is if you rear bumper is anywhere in the intersection when that light changes from yellow to red, then you have run a red light. Now in your case if you guys had hit each other and you lived here then the cop filing the report would have asked witnesses if they thought you would have made it across the intersection before the light was red. If no witnesses then he would probably just ticket you both for careless driving and let it go to court. hope this helps

Dyslexic Topato
If it was yellow when you made the turn it would be his fault, but proving it would be the issue. You need key witnesses to verify that the light was in fact yellow and that you were driving in a non-erratic way (which by the sound of it you were if you floored it).

It would be a 50/50 fault and I always say don't wait in the intersections for a light.........

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