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Who do i call to find out if boyfriend involved in road accident?
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Who do i call to find out if boyfriend involved in road accident?

My boyfriend left my house 4 hours ago to fill up with petrol.... there's been a major car accident on the road which he would have been driving on. Is there a number that i can call to find out if he's been involved or not? I've tried ringing his phone but there's been no answer and now it's off.
Additional Details
I walked down the road to try to find out.... it was a yellow car and a bus involved and he has a yellow car..... rang the police and they're sending officers to talk to me. But thanks for your answers, I didn't want to waste any hospital times


just phone the local hospital

Hope things are ok
Sarah x

Call the local police department

Don M
Call the police. However, most police won't let you file a missing persons report until 24 hours have passed.

Good luck.

Phone the police and tell them you are concerned, and give the reasons.

Try your local hospital, then try the local police (NOT 999)
Hope he's OK!

Sαмміе Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
You can phone the local hospital, they can give you information.

Do NOT ring 999, that is a waste of their time. You can however phone your local police station.

I hope he is okay.

all you can do is wait, lets just hope he has got court up in the traffic

Charles S
Where are you? The first answerer, "911", is assuming that you're in the US or Canada. Even then, I don't think that this would be the right number. You're seeking information, not reporting an emergency.

In the UK, I assume you're here because you use the word "petrol", call the local police on the non-emergency number. The number varies from constabulary to constabulary, so you'll have to look it up in the phone book. In the US it's harder to know who to call because you have State and municipal police - call whichever one would attend on the non-emergency number.

You could also try your local hospital's A&E department.

i think the police shud help u out with it.... they will know instantly frm their contacts with their fellow officals as to the details of the accident.

Beverly Doğan
try to local hospital? i hope hes OK and not involved good luck my friend

Oh dear..I'm sorry. I have no idea and wonder the same thing myself. Maybe the nearest hospital to that road?

i dont think there is one to call, just hang in there girl, hope for the best. i know how you feel the same type of thing just happened to me 2 weeks ago w/ my boyfriend, i was flipping out so i know how you feel, try calling his parents they would probably be the 1st to know


Call the police or the hospital.

Rupert G
do not panic. there may be a number of reasons why there's no answer.

if he has answerphone on - make sure you leave a message.
give it a few more hours, you could try calling a local hospital - but honest - i would not do this for another 4 hours. hospital people are busy.

the odds that anything bad has happened are really REALLY slim. Please try not to panic.


999, 9111 or counch or maybe ur annoying himil duh

arsenal r da best
hes probably dead...

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