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Who gets the seat belt ticket?
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Who gets the seat belt ticket?

Alright so let's say I'm driving, and the person in the passenger seat doesn't have their seat belt on. I get pulled over. On the state of Texas, who gets the ticket? Me or the individual without the seatbelt?


I'm assuming it's the driver. You are responsible for the passengers. Just like an open container law, I had a friend whose passenger was holding a open beer (no drunk driving was going on). And the driver indeed did get a ticket.

Jim J
Usually it depends on the age of the passenger. If it's a minor, the driver is responsible. Otherwise, it's the passengers ticket.

JT B ford man
you are the driver of the car however you must instruct your passenger to buckle up or pay the fine, You will get the ticket, I always tell my passenger to buckle up or pay the fine, Now I don,t know about Texas but her in GA you will get the ticket, buckle-up. good luck

depends on how old they are, the driver will get the ticket if there is a young person with the seat belt off

TX the driver

Not sure on Texas, But some states get the driver.

Not sure about Texas. South Africa the driver gets the ticket.

if they are over 16, they get the ticket. if they are unde 16, YOU get the ticket.

The driver is always responsible for the safety of the vehicle and passengers.

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