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Who has right of way: U-turn on green or person making a right on green?
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Who has right of way: U-turn on green or person making a right on green?

Who has the right of way:

1). A guy/gal making a U-turn on a green light.


2). A guy/gal making a right turn on a green light.


Would a protected green light affect either? Would being on the main road and being in a parking lot exit or side road make a difference?



Joe D
the answers are Right-Turning Driver (RTD), yes, and yes.

A right turn, to conflict with a U-turn would mean that right-turning driver (RTD) would have to be to the left of the U-turning driver (UTD). Normally the driver on the right (in this case the UTD) would have the right-of-way over the driver on the left (the RTD).

Since a U-turn cannot be signalled, there is no way for a RTD to know that the UTD is making a U-turn rather than a standard left turn. However, the UTD CAN tell that the RTD is making a right turn. Therefore, the UTD needs to yield to the RTD.

If the UTD had a green arrow and the RTD did not then the UTD would have the right-of-way as turning right on a red light is supposed to be accomplished with extreme caution and only when there is NO conflicting traffic. The RTD should look out for someone possibly doing a u-turn if they have a red light.

If the u-turning driver has anything but a green arrow then they must use extreme caution and look out for someone turning right (see above regarding signalling)

I hope this made sense

Kurt W
Those turning right on green ALWAYS have right-of-way, regardless of the situation.

The Mr. Pine
Who ever was there first would would have the right of way.

Good deeds
Of course the person who's turning right on the green light is right. Honk the u-turn guy/gal! I've always done that honk them and let them know that they have to be careful & watch out.

And I've always honk the people are making the left turn on green light while I'm making my right turn on green light - what were they thinking???? Right turn on green light is always right!!! Other people have to wait!!!

the person making the right turn is permitted to do so. u-turns are illegal within an intersection unless it is posted permitting the u-turn within the intersection.

Amazing, In Australia its against the law to do a U turn at a controlled intersection.
Law here is that when doing a U turn you must give way to ALL traffic.

Patrick W
Anyone making a u-turn has to yield to all traffic period! most U turns are not legal to begin with especially if the other driver is making a turn on a green, why would they not have the right of way???? Show me an intersection that has a green light for a legal u turn and another green for traffic from the left to turn right.

2) The person making the right turn because the green allows for traffic to go both ways. The person making the right is with 'traffic' and the person making the U has to wait to be clear from oncoming traffic that is what the Right turn driver is.

The U turn never has the right of way even if they have the arrow or are allowed to make a left, a U turn requires clearance from oncoming traffic. If oncoming traffic can make a right on red and the U turn driver has a green for left turn, never seen a 'go' for U turns only when you are clear, then the U turn STILL needs to make sure they are clear before proceeding.

In a main road versus parking lot the main road driver has right of way.

i believe the u-turn has the right of way because they will hold up the rest of the left turners if they dont go.

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