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Why are my tires so loud when i drive straight and go quiet when I turn right?
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Why are my tires so loud when i drive straight and go quiet when I turn right?

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95 licoln mark 8. tires appear to be in good shape.


If you turn your radio up louder - you won't hear the tire noise and everything will be OK.

it is caused from tight valvs on the car and if you dont do something about it now it will explode when you turn and that is what happened to me, i can no longer move anything except my fingers
its horrible really'
BE CAREFUL DONT DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

most likely,the tires are wearing unevenly. And you need an alignment. Look and see if tread on tires are even all the way around, or when you let go of the steering wheel does the vehicle pull or go to the left or right. If so time for an alignment.

when you are going down the road straight all your treads are hitting the road... which make noise.. when you turn the corners or tire are he only thing hitting the road.. equaling less noise.. My 2000 jeep has 34" tires and it is extremely loud goin straight...

done wrenching
Maybe you have a wheel bearing going bad, possibly the right front.

It depends on the type of tire you are running and how worn it is. The size of the lugs in the tread play a part. A mud terrain is going to be much louder than a performance tire.

Tires are also made of different rubber compounds, and softer and harder rubbers, depending on their intended use.

The way the tread connects with the ground while going straight is different then turning, and also the rate at which the lugs are hitting decreases while turning...which all affect the noise the tires make.

you probably need new brakes.

not sure

Lemar J
The only explaination is the tread on the tire. You don't mention what vehicle you drive or the tires or your driving style. But that is the simple answer.

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PS. I've not been "done".

Prevention is better than cure!...

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