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Why are we taught to look left, right, then left again when crossing an intersection?
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Why are we taught to look left, right, then left again when crossing an intersection?

Why not look right, left, then right?


only in countries with right hand drive
In England you would do the oppisite

Because the cars coming from the left are closer to you. You have a better chance of getting hit by them first.

because you have to cross across the path of the left car first, and then the right car, and you have to double check the left side

because we could get hurt if we look up and down.

Because cars would be coming towards your left which would be your side of the road.

So we don"t get hit you goofy girl ! The left is the side the traffic would be nearest.

It's easier to get hit from the left. If you pull out in front of a car coming from the right the distance from you and the car is greater than one coming from the left and both you and the other driver has more time to avoid the accident. That's why you look left twice.

Because a couple of seconds have passed and a speeding vehicle could be coming on the left side.

Genie C
because traffic comes up faster on the left, and when crossing an intersection, the left in the first lane you cross, so you wanna make double sure it is clear!

Scott H
Because you would get hit by a vehicle coming from your left first, since that's the first side of the road you cross.

old man
ur sitting on the left side and if something started coming when u turned to look right u would get hit on ur side.

tucker b
Because if you don't then you might get in a car accident and get killed BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T LOOKING IN TO SEE IF THERE WHERE ANY CARS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Lucky Guy
look up, down then up again
that's the perfect way of crossing lol

y not look right , left?

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