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Why aren't there laws about changing lanes on a highway?
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Why aren't there laws about changing lanes on a highway?

I always let people change lanes when they signal...
I believe that it makes sense to avoid collisions, and to be nice to other people.
But then I was driving with a friend, trying to change lanes, and no one would let me (about 4 cars didn't give me a gap, even though I was with my blinkers on and trying to). Then I made a comment that "They should let me change line!"
And my friend told me I know nothing about traffic laws, that they don't have to.
So...if there's a law to wear a seatbelt - something that only damages you if you don't - why aren't there laws about changing lanes - something that could be dangerous if other drivers are mean, and affects more people?
For instance, if a cop without his lights on was trying to change lanes...you would let him change, right? Or would you not care, because it's not the law? Why can't we be that respectful to other drives as well? And why not make it a law, since changing lanes is known to cause accidents?


The are only a couple of rules for changing lanes on the highway. When the stripes on the road say you can and when it is safe to do so - turn the flashers on, make your move.

Each one of those drivers that did not allow you to change lanes was guilty of following too close to the vehicle in front - unless the speed was 5-10 mph. And their attitude was "I gotta be in front of you." I mean, you wouldn't let someone cut in front of you in line at the store or the movies, would you? We all do it - especially on a transition road from one freeway to another or to an off ramp. Somebody signals, I let them in with a wave. Then I see these other clowns racing by me only to try and edge their way in just before the barrier and I am right on the bumper of the guy in front of me. So they have to slow down (or stop) causing those behind them to slow down (or stop) = traffic jam or collision (bigger traffic jam).

Solution - take a deep breath and keep about 200 ft from the vehicle in front. As one enters that open area, give another 200 ft and slow down gradually without using your brakes. To be sure, a lot of vehicles will take advantage of your politeness and those behind you won't appreciate your gesture. And chances are that most of those vehicles that jumped in front of you will jump into another lane within a minute or two anyway.

Relax, take your time and don't let other idiots you have no control over get to you.

All the best.

you are just more courteous then many other drivers. they do not have to let you go in front of them.

Vorhees a jolly good fellow
You will find it depends on where you live in the World, and even in which state.

Courtesy plays a large part, and if a car is signalling trying to get off at an exit, I will slow to allow them off.

If I am in the fast lane, and someone is signalling to enter, to overtake, I wont slow for them. It will hold other cars up, and the fast lane is for overtaking. My slowing down and letting someone in will have a concertina effect on the whole lane, and if that car is slow to get up to speed, they will hold everyone up.

If someone is trying to change lanes to avoid a accident, or, becuase their lane is closing, I will let them in.

We have a rule on merging which says if the merging car is half way front of you (B Pillar) you MUST allow them to merge. Technically, that only applys for merging on closing lanes, however, I beleive it could be applied to lane changing as well.

I get lost by this 'letting someone in'.

I never try to get in, and I never turn on my blinkers to get someone to slow down to 'let me in'. I get a bit peeved when someone in front of me does it, making a column of several cars all slow down just because someone doesn't know how to merge. It's a small part of why our freeways go so slow.

I pay attention to the cars as well as the gaps ahead of me. I don't change lanes unless there is room enough for me and I can do it without interfering with anyone else.

I use the blinkers to signal my intention to change lanes, and never expect anyone to slow down or make room for me. I will not change lanes in front of someone, and then go slower than they are or crowd them (any more than they already are).

You see people every day changing lanes by just moving into an available space. Anyone who makes another car slow down while they change lanes can be cited for it.

I've never seen a cop without his lights have a problem changing lanes, and you can see they, like most drivers, also never 'try' to get in, they just do it (move into an available space).

If you plan well ahead then you won't have to make a last minute lane change.
Also, by signalling early, another driver may let you in.
Don't slow down when trying to lane change (most of the time) because all those other cars in the other lane will catch up to you.
Lane changing is one of the more complicated tasks in driving a vehicle, especially in heavy traffic.
Always be courteous yourself, and most other drivers are courteous (especially to a police car....lol), but from time to time you will meet a self-righteous or rude driver who won't co-operate. Perhaps the other driver wasn't paying attention due to being distracted by something else.
We all have to babysit one another out on the roads.
The law does say that you may make a lane change when safe to do so.
Everyone on the road has to co-operate in order to maintain safety. All you can do is practice lane changing to perfect it so that you feel confident about doing it.
Develop patience.........you may be in a hurry some day and might not allow someone to make "their" lane change because of your sense of urgency.
Be safe......

Lawn Gnome
There are laws on the books about that.
They are based on Maritime Laws.
There is a stand on vessel and a give way vessel.
There is a time to yield, there is a time to accelerate.
Next time take the bus and save the petrol.

Why are people mean? Here's the short answer:

They're hurt.

Here's the long answer:

They're really hurt. At some point, somebody—their parents, their lovers, Lady Luck—did them dirty. They were crushed. And they're still afraid the pain will never stop, or that it will happen again.

john r

Francis M
Hello, you were not trained to drive the way you are driving, do you remember how you were trained to change lanes?, you should have been looking well ahead, planning you drive, and changing lanes with out inconveniencing any other road user, i would suggest you take some more driver training before you kill your self or some body else, as for the blue light you mentioned, on a multi lane road we would move to the left to let an emergency vehicle past, no body should have to change speed or direction because of your bad driving.

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