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Why do lamborghini cars catch fire so often?
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Why do lamborghini cars catch fire so often?

ive heard about a lot of lambo's catching fire and theres a bunch of videos on youtube showing them on fire.what causes it to catch on fire?It seems so random.


Fire Fighter
Probably because they are such HOT cars! LOL

Italian electrics are INFAMOUS.

The real reason is due to the engine overheating and causing the fuel system to leak thus creating the fire.

Wheel Man
Because the girls in them are HOT

The injectors leak gas on a hot a hot engine.

The truth??? They are usually improperly driven and abused by assho---les.

its because how fast they run so the motor heats up and catches fire more often then regular cars.

I think its b/c of the speed of the car.

this is because people who drive them usually drive them recklessly as they Are Lamborghini cars. They have wide tired to grip the road and the friction may cause high levels of heat. Other causes may be linked to temperature inside and outside the vehicle i believe.

Don Flan Juan
MAMA MIA ? ! I think someone put a Aluminum Foil Tamale on top of the V 10 Motor with marinara sauce ...provolone Cheezy ...with pedal to de floor ... Mama Mia !!! ?... Ciao !!!

its because the payments are so high let alone the insurance cost better to burn than pay it off

they are usually improperly driven...either you drive it slow, in which case nothing should happen to it...or you drive it the way its meant to be driven...in which case nothing should happen to it because it was made for those types of speeds...mor-off

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