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Why do people put rags or clothes hanging out of their car windows when the car is on the side of the road?
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Why do people put rags or clothes hanging out of their car windows when the car is on the side of the road?

I recently moved to PA from TX and have noticed every car pulled over on the side of the road has a rag, towel or piece of clothing sticking out the side window. Is this a sign for something??


This is to indicate that the vehichle has not been abandoned and that the owner intends to take care of it, so the police don't decide to have it towed to an impound lot. Most state police agencies have a standing policy that if a vehichle sits on the side of the road for 24 hrs or more, they have it towed away.

It tells the police that the vehicle got stuck and not abandoned by the driver.

i have never seen that, i live in CO

just to let ppl know the car broke down.. will be back for it please dont tow ...


Its a sign of a disabled vehicle. It lets people know to leave a little room when driving past, someone could be around that vehicle, of if you feel safe enough, you can stop and offer assistance. If somebody is just sitting in the vehicle, it always appreciated when you call for help.

Instead of raising the hood we used to put a white handkerchief out the window so someone would stop and help us.

It's like a signal for help.

Cassie G <3
It's just their way of telling you that they are coming back to get it and they still want it. In other words it broke down.

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