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Why does my car wobble on the freeway ?
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Why does my car wobble on the freeway ?

Drving at 65-70mph. I have a 2002 Corolla.


Besides all of the other answers that suggest it's your tires (very common problem, really), it could also be your motor mounts. My car used to wobble, but only when I was going between 50 and 65 mph...Faster or slower and it would go away. Turns out it was relative to how much torque was being applied, and the new motor mounts made the problem go away.

Most likely balance issue, tires have weights on them to balance them sometimes they fall off causing it to wobble best thing to do is get them balanced for free where u bought them from or else it will ware ur tire down alot faster.

It could be a few things.

Low and/or uneven tire pressure.
Wheels out of Balance.
Wheels in need of an alignment.
Sometimes a tire may have a bubble in it causing a bumpy feeling on the pavement.

The wheels probably need to be balanced. Also make sure they have proper air pressure.

Eric D
check wheel bearings, your tire balence.

Matthew J
Tires! Positively! I had the same problem with my car. I couldn't find out what it was, but it only happened between 72-above. I change the tire and it was gone. I hope this helps-Matt

rebalance your tires

could have something to do with your tires or the alignment.

nigel w
maybe your drunk

Could be tire issues.

will r
If you recently put custom wheels on That could be the problem.Since aftermarket parts do not adjust to a stock automobile you might need hub centers.

A lot of things can make your car wobble. For me, I once had a broken tie rod that was not noticed until I had my struts changed. Another time it was a suspension coil. Sometimes uneven tires can contribute. Waaay too many possibilities.

My friend went to Poop Boys(mistake)and got a new altenator.Drove off and immediatley her steering wheel -and car -began to wobble!I say they sabotaged her car as she was a single young female.Too much of a 'coincidence!'Now they try and sell her tires and shocks inspite of the fact all was well until she went to their hell shop! STAY away from Poop Boys their whole company are crooks including corportate.

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