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Why does my left-hand turn signal blink so fast?
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Why does my left-hand turn signal blink so fast?

It was working fine then all of a sudden everytime I try to signal a left-hand turn, the light blinks faster than normal. The right one works just fine.


Most cars built in the last 20 years use the fast blink to indicate a malfunction (aka burn out light) in the system.

mervin y
check your left bulbs...one of them is dead

You may have a burnt out bulb. Turn on the signal and look at the front and rear bulbs. If one of them is not blinking replace it and the problem should go away.

William W
It means that one of your bulbs is out. The blinker is load sensitive. The heavier the load - the slower the blink rate. Conversely, the lighter the load, (like when a bulb has failed) - the faster the blink rate.

->Gringuita *
Check your bulbs and make sure they
aren't about to burn out if that doesn't help
then you probably need to take it to a shop
and have them inspect the problem. There
could be a connection problem and you don't
need to be checking that by yourself unless
you have good experience.

Sophie B
Either your front or rear bulb is burned out....

one of the bulbs are blown out.....

You have a blown turn signal bulb on the left side. Probably front.

Check the bulbs first, both front and back and then check the vehicles flasher..

the bulb is gonna burn out

My right rear turn is also out, but the front one works. I have tried replacing the bulb, but after a few minutes she stops working again. It seems it happens after I shut the car off and return to it later on.

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