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Why does speeding car skid when brakes are applied suddenly? then explain?
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Why does speeding car skid when brakes are applied suddenly? then explain?

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Vince M
Momentum of the vehicle is stronger than the forces of friction between the tires and the road surface.

Inertia makes the car want to keep going forward, so when you suddenly break the mass of the car wants it to keep going. That is why when you suddenly stop you lurch forward. ABS makes it harder to skid and is therefore safer for people who break suddenly.

Scott H
Uh, because the wheels stop rotating and the tires are sliding on the asphalt.

In short its caused by the brakes locking the wheels.....more detail, newer vechiles may have ABS or similar which cuases the brakes to pulse rather than lock allowing the driver to steer the vehicle whilst emergency braking. Although even ABS wont work on most cars below 40kmh, as in dry conditions it will stop quicker locking brakes at this speed.

Micah F
Because, the force of the momentum is greater than the force of friction between the tires and the road.
When the brake are applied suddenly, at high speeds, they lock up.
When the brakes are locked up, they are not providing any force of friction to slow the car. This causes the burden of slowing the car to be transferred entirely to the friction of the tires, and there just isn't enough to grip the road and bring the car to an immediate stop (which is what would happen if the tires were able to grip with out skidding).
When the brakes and the tires share the burden of stopping the car, the brakes provide friction while allowing the angular momentum of the wheels to continue, and the tires grip the road.

Ask any of your physicist pals, and they'll tell you that brakes convert the kinetic energy of vehicle motion into heat.

Translation: Brakes stop the car—or more accurately, brakes stop the wheels.

Old Man Dirt
The brake shoes (or pads) can grip the drum (disk) better then the tires can grip the road. So the wheels stop turning and the car skids resulting in the car not being able to be controlled by the steering wheel.

desert camel
its simply forward momentum of the car,the wheels stop,the car continues on its way and the rubber screech

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