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Why is it that some people dont use turn lights ??
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Why is it that some people dont use turn lights ??

Seens to me that some people think they're there so the car can look good.


They know where they are going.... don't YOU?

I know... it's not funny, it's aggravating.

Very rude, too.


Hell I haven't seen them used much around here . I come to the conclusion that they were just an optional equipment item on thier model of car.

I've heard in some states (oklahoma for one) that turn signals are only required when you are changing directions and optional if you are "only" changing lanes.
Seems the lawmakers in those states expect motorist to be mindreaders.
Also seems that it should be the other way around.
And finally it seems, I'm glad I don't live in those states.

Gawd I hope someone comes up with a good answer to this one. I for one would love to follow these people untill they stop somewhere. When they get out of their vehicle, just reach in and break off the signal switch. Hand it to them and say there, that wont be in your way any more!!
Its not that hard to use!!! USE IT!!

# one
They are on a big ego trip thinking they own the road and are just letting you use it. I understand once in a while forgetting but not always.

sofa king retire ted
you have to pay extra for that option.....

I don't know about you guys, but I only use my signal if there's a car close by, front or back. I don't trust people who use their signals either, I just wait for them to make their turn.

Master M
Inconsiderate SOBs

dont hate them. they learned from their parents and friends....the ones that put their signal on while they make the turn. and people wonder why i drive large old cars...................

I agree.

Pure laziness. Think about it. Everyone has done it but someone else did it in front of you, it's irritating.

In NJ, we don't use turn signals when changing lanes, because if you do, others will see that you want to change lanes and speed up in order to make it impossible, because God forbid anyone should get in front of them.

cuz they are weetaded...

Dick Skinner
In N.J. it's a way of giving one's strategy away, hence giving others a chance to thwart your objectives. lol

I am rock
It is not SOME who don't use turn signals here in India, its MANY as much as 99%. They think they are riding on a race track and make fast corner with giving anyone their intention of turning.

You will get frustrated seeing the traffic sense of Indian drivers. In some cases (in old cars) the turn signal will not be put off. They will burn all though a expressway and even in a tunnel. I watch and wait for them to turn but they will never turn.

A. lazy
B. Too cold in the car to take hands out of sleeves to activate lever
C. Don't know what they're there for

cuz the people dont use their brains any more and thats y they turn with out signing where they r going...... dont u know that.......... if u cant sign then y bother driving at all i dont drive but i yell at my mom when she doesnt sign if shes turning or not.

moe m
Ha! They just got bad driving skills and manners!!!

speak up
mostly because they think they'll beat you to the corner-otherwise if they indicate, they might have to slow down or (god forbid) even stop
so,by not indicating they make you more cautious,therefore they can continue without interruption

they think they own the road... or they are drunk... lol... good question tho..

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