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Why should you check your rear view mirror before you brake to a stop?
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Why should you check your rear view mirror before you brake to a stop?


to see if the guy behind you is distracted, and did not see you brake, so if possible you can avoid a collision, its not a matter if its your fault or not, if an accident can be avoided you should try and avoid it safely, if not, brace yourself.

as a motorcyclist, I check my mirror and adjust my braking so at to not get hit.

to see if someone is following too closely. it's still their fault in the event of an accident, but its better to look and be prepared to move if it's a large vehicle.... think contractor Dually Pick-up & Cell Phone.... VERY common problem around Tampa FL

To check and see if the person behind you is braking as well.

Raissa W
To see if you being tailgated, so before you even have to brake, you need to check if being followed too close, then you can increase your following distance of the car in front of you.

So if there is a car behind you, you will know how hard to stop cause if you stop hard the car behid you will bump you in the bumper. :D

To see if the driver behind you is stopping as well...if not, hit the deck!

to make sure the guy behind is not so close to you or so distracted that he will hit you when you break.

More than once I had to hunk to make the guy behind react to my rear breaking light !! Matter of fact, now that I think about it, cars should have a rear end mounted horn for those ocassions.

Honestly...no clue....if someone hits you...its not your problem

If you encounter something in front which needs you to stop, you need to make sure to give a glance to the mirror to check your back and then stop when it is safe to do. This is what my instructor told me. I disagreed. This is in essence - you are OK to hit somebody in front to avoid being hit from behind. But I needed to show this ridiculous mirror checking repeatedly to pass the practical test.

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