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Why would my tire just fall off?
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Why would my tire just fall off?

I just cheated death this afternoon on the freeway when my rear tire just flew off. After retrieving the tire, and the only two lugs we could find, it was apparent that the only way the tire would have fallen off was a result from the lugs being completely loosened.
I just had that tire replaced about a month ago. I believe they didn't tighten it properly which resulted in the loosening of all bolts. Any alternatives to this event?


#1 Palin Fan
It happens.

Cheers to the guy above who mentioned re-torquing lug nuts. It is standard practice for garages to tell customers in writing about having the bolts re-tightened after a bit of driving. It is up to us to get it done, and it covers their butt if we do not and the wheels fall off. Glad you are okay. Live and learn.

Fancy alloy wheels are supposed to be re-torqued after they settle in for a bit. Did the tire shop tell you to come back and have them checked? I also know of a fellow who got tired of people parking across his driveway, so he went out and loosened their wheels to teach them a lesson.

You pretty much answered your own question
If your cars damaged I'd go back and tear em a new one till the car was fixed proporly.

Firecracker .
I used to always re-tighten my lugnuts.
Then I started using a garage where I trusted the owner.
He performed a State safety inspection for me, and on the way home I had a real bad shimmy going down the highway. When I got home, I found all the nuts loose on both rear wheels. The next day, he admitted that he had a kid put the wheels back on instead of doing it himself. Even though he was a reliable mechanic, and a friend, he lost my business through this lack of judgement. I have gone back to doing all my truck and auto work. I still do most of my motorcycle work, and work with a trusted mechanic for the rest. Yes, with, as no wrench is allowed near my bike by himself - see above.

The only alternative is to do it yourself.

Scuba Steve JW
So you only found 2 lugs? I'm surprised you found any.

I have had wheels come off while driving as well. The first time I found all the lugs because they were under the hub cap. The second time, there were no lugs to be found - no hub cap. So we simply took one lug off each of the other 3 wheels to get to an auto parts store and buy more lugs.

Like others have said, "It happens." I have noticed that many shops now put the lugs on with a pneumatic wrench turned down so as not to over torque the lug nuts and then they torque them down with a manual torque wrench.

If you had a hubcap it would have caught them and rattled when you were driving slower. It's a tale of caution to check the tires from time to time.

None........the shop that did the work left the lug nuts loose and it happens a lot by people that are in a hurry...

Jenny L.
because its loose:D

mike d
it might take a month for loose lug nuts to walk themselves off the studs...

shops use air guns with more than 120psi, i believe you forgot to tighten them after you took the jack out

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