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Will leaving your car engine on while pumping gas start a fire?
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Will leaving your car engine on while pumping gas start a fire?

How can the military do it? Jets and helicopters can fill up while they are running. My dad is a blackhawk pilot and he fills up on ground...with the engine on! No different than a car


George A
Military aircraft & vehicles are physically grounded when they refuel & a "hot refuel" that the military does is extremely dangerous & some aircraft have exploded during the refuel.

Hot refuels are mainly done under combat conditions. The engines on the birds are turning at full or almost full RPM so in the event that they come under enemy fire during the refuel, the pilot can shag *** out of there to keep from getting shot to pieces. You don't have to worry about pulling into Texaco and have to risk coming under an Al Qaeda attack while you are getting gas & have to jump in your car & haul out of there very quickly.

Another safety reason why you are required to shut off your engine is in the event of a gas spill, you won't have a super hot exhaust that could ignite the gasoline or gasoline vapors from the spilled gas.

LA_MISMA_LUNA is in love ♥™
it can generate static electricity.

read the warning on the pump.

like this


yes it is different for a car.

I am a Fuels Craftsman in the U.S. Air Force. I have been working with all types of fuel for over 11 years. I assure you there is a huge difference between a vehicle and an aircraft. Yes, we do hot refuels on aircraft. But, they are grounded to equalize the static potential with that of the earth. Additionally, they are bonded to the refueling equipment to equalize between the aircraft and refueler.
The properties of jet fuel are very different from gasoline. You must have higher temperatures to ignite jet juel. The temp must be over 100 degrees just to get it to flash. Lastly, the exhaust. The "fill" points of an aircraft are a closed system. They are engineered to be located in specific areas to avoid all electrical connections, and exhaust ports.
This means that the fuel is nowhere near the hot exhaust.

With a car, you fill it towards the back (where is the exhaust?) and the car is not grounded. Gasoline has a very low flashpoint meaning that even at low temps, it can explode. The spark of a cellphone can (and has) ignite gasoline. It doesn't take much. At our military service station on base, everyone is required to turn their engine off. Just like civilian gas stations.

So, to answer your question. Yes, the potential is very high for that to happen. Will it everytime? No. But, the conditions may or may not be there for a fire to start without you knowing it.

I have seen training videos of what NOT to do. Very graphic videos! Don't play with gas, it will bite you in the A$$!

Fred C
For one thing, military are trained in treating dangerous fuels with respect, ordinary civilians aren't. In actual fact, most drivers are so cavalier with their treatment of gasoline it borders on criminally stupid. For another, an auto has a spark ignition a few feet from the filler, and a red hot exhaust inches from the ground where the fumes accumulate. Jet fuel is also closer to diesel in properties than gasoline.

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