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Would you call 911 if you hit an animal with your car?
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Would you call 911 if you hit an animal with your car?

I was on a major highway at night and hit a dog. I didn't know if I had killed it or it lived. I pulled into the nearest place to park and called 911. The police met with me. They asked if I was ok to drive, I was so distraught. The policemen said they would look in the area where I hit the dog. When I told a couple of friends about this they just laughed. Would you have called the police in this situation? I called the police station later and they said that no dog was found. I pray he was ok and able to get home safely. Was I silly for calling the police?


You did the right thing, who else could you call? You were on a highway. Legally and morally you did the right thing, because in NY, if you strike an animal, wild or domesticated is irrelevant, you must notify the police/state troopers. Not doing so is leaving the scene of an accident and that's a crime. Obviously, your friends don't understand the concept of being able to accept responsibility for your actions, however unfortunate they may be.

Oh, and to answer your question, yes I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes.

I wouldn't call 911 but like animal control. I understand how you feel. At least you were nice enough to think about the dog. Some people would just drive off and wouldn't think twice. How nice of you. Hey someday you will need that. Karma always comes around.

I understand why you would do that, but I wouldn't have don't it.

911 should be saved for an emergency situation. If the dog caused an serious accident, you should call 911. If your dealing with just an animal, you should call animal control. The police won't save the dog, they'll probably just call animal control. Calling the police only takes officers away from other jobs they handle.

I would'nt call 911 for an animal I hit unless It caused a huge wreak involving other cars,U know sometimes when you're driving and u see an animal jump in front of your vehicle and then u have to slam the breaks causing other cars behind to possibly hit u.

I have done this before and it makes you feel very bad hitting an animal and I did not call 911 but instead I took the dog to a 24 hour animal hospital and waited to make sure that he was going to be okay plus I left my name and number just in case since the dog did have tags.....

I have no idea what the laws are in your state but in mine (Wisconsin) I know the law is if you hit an animal you are supposed to file a report. Where i live everyone hits something about once a year with there car because there are so many deer and other animals in are area. I believe this is just for the sake of the highway cleanup to know where to pickup the deer carcass. But do not feel bad because if Someone hit your animal wouldn't you want to know where it went and who hit it instead of someone just driving away. I assure you you did the right thing.

Well, maybe. I kind of hope the police have something better to do than that - if you're worried about the dog, you could call what we used to call the "dog catcher", and if you were worried about your car you can call a tow truck.

If I hit bigfoot, or ET, then I might dial 911.

Good for you to call 911 if that was the only # you knew, animals are like us they also feel pain, for others to say they wouldn't call for an animal shame on them. police or emergency personnel are there for these cases also, no need to compare or think they are taken away from other emergencies, they are suppose to take calls as they come. i would have call too, i have had pets, all of you not willing to call remember how animals also have saved peoples life.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! i would have done the same exact thing except i would have been balling my eyes out and i would have went and looked for the dog, **** the guy above me hes an idiot dont listen to him! i tink of hitting a dog as hitting a person, so when u ask the question should i have called the police if i hit a dog its tha same ting to me as if i hit a persons hould i have calle d the police, so yes u did the right thing and u probably did kill it if u were hit going that fast on a major high way then u most likely would die a awfull death well anywyaz i hope the doggs ok and shame on u for thinking other wise

I'd probably take a pic of it and put it on the internet for all to see :)

not 911 but 311. It's the police non-emergency number. I can understand your feeling distraught, but imagine if across town A child wasn't helped in time because emergency services were with a Dog.

311 next time okay bro?

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