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Adoption income requirements?
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Adoption income requirements?

I have read that American families must make a min. of 25-30K/yr. to qualify to adopt. Is this current income, average income, what? Also, do they take other factors into consideration, such as making less because you have few debts or you have money in the bank, etc? If it is average income, how long must you have had that income?


anastasia beaverhausen-the real1
Income Statements
You do not have to be rich to adopt; you just have to show you can manage your finances responsibly and adequately. (Some countries may have specific income requirements for intercountry adoption.) Usually, prospective parents are asked to verify their income by providing copies of paycheck stubs, W-4 forms, or income tax forms. Many agencies also ask about savings, insurance policies (including health coverage for the adopted child), and other investments and debts.

They look at how much you make in relation to how much you spend (bills vs. income) to see if you have enough to raise a child. They want stability above all else.

Actually, 25-30,000 a year is below the average income. But Anastasia B. gave you some good info and a good link.

Randy B
As others have said, as long as you can show that you can support yourself, your family and any children you may adopt you will usually not have a problem. Within the scope of any State or Province there is usually quite a range of "cost of living" figures so in many cases minimums are not set. By that I mean that if you say you need to have a yearly income of $70 k based upon the cost of living in a major center that would exclude those who live in rural areas and who need less money to live just as well.

Do a self assessment and look objectively at whether or not you can comfortably support another child and if the answer is yes then chances are you should have no problem unless there is a specific rule. You will have to have documents though to show what you make.

where did you read 25-30K? I always read 35K or 10,000 per person in the house, including the child/children to be adopted at LEAST. For example, if it's a couple and they want to adopt one child they would have to make at least 30K, two children 40K etc. I don't know if there is a time limit you must have been making that much though.

You could compare it to the fraudulent mortgage business....actually, in too many cases...thats exactly what it is. Where there's a way...there's an AP/Pap trying to get around financial responsibility.

Many Aps that got kids from overseas didn't or are not paying for the fees they claim are astronomical. Taxpayers are flipping the bill.

Many Aps paid for the child juggling cash advances on credit cards or getting second mtgs. on their homes.

Who do you think pays the banks back...certainly not the Aps/Paps filing for bankruptcy or walking away/defaulting on their mtgs.

And yes many still got their 10,000 tax credit before filing for immunity.

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