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After an adoption has been finalized is it possible to reverse?
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After an adoption has been finalized is it possible to reverse?

Alright i am 18 first of all and i just had a baby on january first. But at the time my girlfriend was underage and i didn't want to admit it was mine because i was afraid her parents would have taken me to court or something. And my girlfriend also said it wasn't mine on my behalf.

The the baby was adopted soon after birth and i was just wondering if there was any way the adoption could be reversed because i was not acknowledged as the legal birth-father. it has only been a month or two so im hoping there is something i can do to get my baby back
Additional Details
it wasnt only the fact of being in trouble with the law..her father actually told her he was going to (more or less kill me) when he found out it was mine...which is the reason i didnt say anything..i made a mistake but is there anything i can do


You will need to see a lawyer, pronto. A good fathers rights attorney. Expalin the situation to him or her, that you were afraid.

Unfortunately, the laws have been written purposely to do just what you describe...to force fathers to surrender children to avoid "jail"..

An attorney may be able to defend you based on that...

I wish you well.

try this link.. ..http://www.fathersrightsinc.com/

eta: it is possible that you will have a chance, because the laws do allow for natural parents to recover their children if relinquishments are obtained in situations where parents are threatened.But you must act fast.

farm mom of 10
When we adopted our son, no biofather was established. They ran newspaper ads for a certain amount of time, and checked anyone mom said could have been the father, or rather, tried to find them, but they couldn't be found. Once these steps were done, notifications sent out and newspaper notices posted, we went to court and the rights of the mother and any alleged or presumed fathers, plus anyone who might come along later on and try to claim the child, were terminated. In other words, no, no one could come back later and say "hey! Wait a minute! I think I might be dad after all!" There were several attorneys there who represented the men who 'might' have been his father.

So I really doubt you will be able to do anything if the child is already adopted. Your rights were terminated, even if you weren't there. You knew there was a chance you were dad, and you didn't speak up in time. I'm sure if you try and contest this, it's going to be brought up in court that you were aware the girl was pregnant and that the child was adopted, but you kept quiet. You were like any man in the case of my son, who might come along later and try to claim him.

This is a bit fast, though, and at least in the state I'm in, you have to wait six months to finalize an adoption. However, even so, if rights have been terminated, and the child is already an adoption placement, I don't think you will be able to do anything.

As a biological mother, a foster mother, and an adoptive mother, I want to encourage you to leave the baby alone. But one other option you might have is to go to the agency that placed your baby, and ask if they would contact the adoptive family and ask them if they would consider opening the adoption so you can know your child, even if it's just pictures a few times a year. You might want to wait until the adoption is final, so this won't scare them and make them say no right away. We have an open adoption with siblings we adopted. The birth grandparents see the children often, the mother writes to them and sends them small presents. Right now she's in rehab, but if she will ever get stable, we would consider letting her back into the children's life, mainly because our daughter was four when we adopted her, and she remembers and misses her mother.

Many states have a Putiave Father registers that a man who is not married must sign up on if he thinks he fathered a child. The laws on that vary from state to state but often they have to sign up so many days after the child’s birth and they would be wise to do it prior to that to show they showed an interest in the child helping out with the mothers medical bills, helping to buy supplies for the baby etc.

It will not look good in the eyes of the courts that you and your girlfriend both lied. The courts would ask you why you did not claim the child when you knew the baby was yours and knew the child was being placed for adoption in fact you encouraged your girlfriend to lie about who the father was. All because you felt her father was going to kill you or that you would end up in legal trouble because your girlfriend was underage? I very much doubt that would have happened of course he would have been upset but I highly highly doubt he would have actually gone after you to kill you.

Even if he was going to what will stop him from doing that now? Just because his daughter is now 18 she was still underage when you knocked her up. Also many states have an age of consent where someone as long as their not so many years older then its ok for them to be together. Assuming you and your girlfriend are only about a year apart in age or less its very doubtfully that you could have gotten in legal trouble.

All you can do is contact an attorney and see what your options are if you have any.

You didn't want to admit that the baby was yours because you were afraid her parents would take you to court and make you pay child support, but now you want to take the baby from the only parents that he/she knows because you changed your mind? I hope it is too late, but I guess you really need to talk to a lawyer. Typically both of the parents have to sign something to sign away their rights to the baby. If the mother lied about not knowing who the father is then you might have a case, but you should really think about the baby and what is best for the child before you do anything. Are you really prepared to be a single father at 18?

Where theres a will theres a way....Get a good attorney.

The baby is only a couple months old and hasn't bonded with the strangers yet.

We all make mistakes.....go get your child.

Grapesgum is right. The adoption probably isn't finalized yet. It's too soon. The baby has probably been placed with a family but the adoption isn't final.

The link below is to information on putative (presumed) father's rights in the US. Search the document for your state to determine what the laws are.

You should contact an attorney familiar with adoption to determine how the laws relate to you personally and see if there's a way you can contest the adoption.

I would be very surprised if the adoption has been finalized this soon. Especially given that your rights were not terminated. It usually takes months to do that when the father is "unknown". It also depends on the state that your gf surrendered your baby in. If it has not been finalized, it should be easier to prevent the adoption and have the the custody agreement nullified. You will need a DNA test and will need to be unwavering in your dealing with the adoption agency and/or attorneys who handled the adoption.

If you can prove that you were threatened with jail, your chances are better.

kitta gave you a good link to get advice and help. There are dads who are fighting the adoption industry to get their kids back. There is power in numbers.

ETA - If you cannot get the your child back, at a very minimum you should demand liberal visitation so your child can know his natural family. Your child deserves to know you.

Get a Lawyer quick! I'm so sorry that this happened..
It makes me sad, really. :(
But you need to talk to a lawyer.. And maybe the adoptive parents. I wish you the best of luck!!
And let me know how it goes. This is heart-breaking for me.

Ms. AK
To be completely honest your chances are extremely slim. Even if you do find an attorney to represent you the cost is astronomical. I fought for six months to get my son back. The only reason I stopped is because legally you only have six months, then there's nothing you can do (in my state). You will hear a lot of 'no's and you will need a lot of money but maybbe you'll have better luck than I did. Best of luck to you, feel free to write me with any questions you may have.

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