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Can I get my original birth Certificate?
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Can I get my original birth Certificate?

I was adopted when i was 7 Yrs old, because my mom past away , but I was wondering if I can still get my original birth certificate???


Contact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in whatever state you were born in. They're usually under the Department of Health.

C K Platypus
It depends on the state where your adoption occurred.

BPD Wife
I believe it will be dependent on several factors. The state in which you were born, the laws of the state at the time of your birth, and the type of adoption that took place. As one previous answer notes, you should have received a new birth certificate at the time of your adoption. This is the only valid birth certificate. Because of this, you may not be able to obtain a copy of the original as states are trying to crack down on identity theft, etc. You may be able to obtain a "copy" but that again would be dependent on the state in which you were born.

I would suggest contacting the county in which you were born (if you know) or perhaps the agency that was used for the adoption. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck to you.

Obviously you're getting a variety of optimistic answers here. In most adoptions, a new birth certificate is issued showing the adoptive parents as the parents, and the original birth certificate is sealed by law and cannot be opened without a court order. I'd start by asking the registrar/recorder's office for the county in which you were adopted, see what advice they give you.

probably not ... it was most likely sealed ... but you can start with the agency that adopted you out.

Probably not. Unless you're 18 years old, you can't obtain a copy of your own birth certificate, whether it's the original or an amended one. If you're already 18, you need to contact your county courthouse to find out the procedures for obtaining an order from the court that requires the Vital Statistics office of the state to release the original birth certificate to you.

*cHiNeSsE gIrL*
you should if you knew where was your birth town is. and ur mom name and ur dad name. well good luck

It depends on what state you were born in. Some states seal the OBC's, some allow you to get a copy as an adult. You will have to research the issue or call the state directly to ask their laws.

I don't know about the laws where you live, bu here in Ontario, Canada, all adoptees will soon have the luxury of knowing who they were before. Meaning, any adoption that took place and where the records were sealed, will soon be opened. These will hold our real birth names, our parents names, etc...

If you were adopted here, you will be able to obtain this by writing to the place that placed your adoption (agency that was used).

You may have to wait to see if your records were sealed, or if there is any information that ANY family member may have will also help.

i would think so, its not like it was a closed adoption, your mother passed away.
the file number at the top of your birth cert. should be the same as your original. when i found my birthmother (i was adopted the traditional way, closed, at birth) the courthouse used my cert i had to match up my records.

good luck.

Yes just go to the hospital you were born in and ask for a copy of it.

Emily Answers
I am sure somebody has it somewhere. I am sure you can get it.

I am not sure you could get the original but you can definatly get a copy of it.


I figure if you go to your court house theyll give it to you

Joey's Girl
it depends on what kinda adoption it was. if it was an open one im assuming u can as long as u know where u were born and other requied info. but if it was a sealed adoption im assuming u cant

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