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Can I get paid for giving my baby up?
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Can I get paid for giving my baby up?

I'm 22 with a 3 yr old & I can not afford to take care of another child. I've come to terms with giving my unborn baby to adoption. But can I get paid for it? I'm struggleing with my son as it is & I've heard how some birthmoms get money for giving their babies up. I've asked a couple people & they all agree with me that if I'm giving my child up then I should be compinsated for it espically since I need the money for my other child. Is it wrong to think that? I'm really confused & would like advice.
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Ok to explain the situation a little bit better. For all of you that just think that I don't want this baby you obviously didn't understand what you read. I already have a 3yr old & very VERY much want this baby to come home with us. Also, don't just assume that their was no protection. Their was with my son & that broke. So I learned my lesson from that one & was on birth control from 3/05 to 12/24/07 when I found out I was pregnant. Things happen alright. & plus I'm just asking a question from what I've heard. I wasn't asking to be judged for it. **** people, haven't you ever heard something & asked questions about it. Geez RELAX!!


Heather B
No. Whichever way you slice or dice it that would be called selling a human life and that went out with the abolition of slavery (I hope) I would recommend reporting the prospective adoptive couple for even contemplating this, it is illegal.

I am sorry you are getting horrid comments about your unplanned pregnancy though, that's uncalled for. Unplanned pregnancies happen - I had one last year and was happy about it, I certainly didn't get people calling me names because of it - that's just nasty.

Take care. I hope you find a way to raise both your kids together somehow

ETA. Hey, that's a good point - what help are you getting by way of child support

Isabel A
Getting paid for your child is also known as human trafficking or baby selling and it's illegal. Selling people for money became illegal in the United States around the time that slavery ended.
And yes, it's wrong to ever consider selling your flesh and blood for money. It's just not a nice thing to do. Sorry.

God Saves!
Unless you are a surrogate then it is actually illegal in canada and most states to pay for a child

Dave F
it? USA Baby$$$=Felony.

I can understand that this is hard. Kids are expensive. I have 4... they're certainly not cheap.

There are ways for you to keep your baby. I wish you had've said where you are.

Worldwide, there is a place called birthright. You'll find them in your phone book under abortion alternatives. If it's material things you need for the baby & your son to get you through this rough patch, they will help you with that. If it's a non judgmental listening ear, they'll help you with that too. And if adoption is really what YOU want, they can point you in the direction to go that will be legal & ethical.

Please don't go into adoption lightly, this is something only you can decide because you will be the one living with your decision for the rest of your life.

I really hope that you can find someone close to help you through this. feel free to email me

The Girl
that is seriously the sadest thing i have ever heard in my life.

I gave up achild in 1972 and I can tell you I never got over it until I reunited in 2001.
It is illegal to get money for your baby if you are giving it up. You can however get help from the government if you choose to keep your baby and also, your baby's daddy/daddies should both be helping you out financially.
I wish you good luck.

I think its illegal.

It is not legal to be "PAID" for placing your baby for adoption- but you can go to an attorney and he/she can help you find an adoptive couple, that will help you with medical, housing, etc during your pregnancy.

They will not pay YOU. They will pay for ultrasounds, checkups, things like that.

Noah's Mommy & Marine Wife.
You personally do not get paid. You can however have your doctor appointments, ultrasounds, delivery, etc. paid for. But no, they will not PAY you.

I don't think it's legal, but you would be taken care of with medical bills, ultrasounds, etc. all throughout your pregnancy. Giving you actual money for the baby I believe would be illegal. I would consult an attorney.

Are you going through an adoption agency? Usually parents that are adopting the child will pay for your medical bills for your prenatal care and delivery. I'm not sure if they actually pay for the baby itself. You might want to find a reputable adoption agency and fine out.

яєηєє ℓσvєs вεiηg chяi§ ωιƒεγ
i understand what u are saying hun.
my mom had 13 kids and she adopted out 3 of them because she couldnt afford to take of us all. but the parents my mom was giving my siblings to offered to pay for her care while she was pregnant.
they gave her like 500 bucks a month. and then always made sure she had food and stuff.
so yes that is true you can be paid but only while ur preg.

my friend is preg she wants to keep the baby but her hubby doesnt want her to. she has 2 kids already and her hubby just isnt ready she was also on BC but it didnt work.
i have been wanting a baby and am willing to pay her but she hasnt decided yet what she wants to do. and im not going to pressure her.

i just think u should think about it. and do what is best for urself and ur kids.
good luck hun

Nurse Autumn Intactivist NFP
Ok, hep me understand this, You want to SELL your child? Sick!

Some agencies will pay for your living expenses, definitley your medical expenses, for any counselling that you need, and then the agency/adoptive couple will pay for all of the fees associated with the adoption process. As far as getting a sum of money above and beyond this, sorry, you won't be able to receive any. Best of luck to both of you. The agency that my husband and I are approved with (and that offer these services) can be reached by going to the website www.itsaboutlove.org There will be a phone number on there (depending on what country you're in). You will also be able to select the adoptive couple yourself, and choose how open you would like the adoption to be. Best of luck to you and your children.

Santa's Lil' Helper
I sense that you are very conflicted.

Are their people out there that Will pay $$$ for your baby? SURE....but ask yourself this...would you really want someone who would be willing to purchase your child to raise him/her?
Really think about what value that they place on you or your unborn child........I guarantee they will never speak to you after they have baby in hand because they will view as no more than a business arrangement.

Only you know financially what you can and can't handle.....have you turned to family? The babies father?
Accepting monies from adoptive parents prior to the birth creates a moral dilemma.....what if you change your mind after the baby is born? You may feel a sense to honor the agreement because they have paid money to help support you during the pregnancy....that's not good for you, your baby or the adoptive parents.

You need to speak to a counselor to discuss what your going through....you can not make a decision like this under duress.

I don't think its about compensation. It's more about wanting a better life for your baby. If you really love this baby then you will find a way to raise it. Think of your 3 year old. Does he know about the baby? Do you think he might hate you for giving away his brother or sister? There are lots of agencies that will help you with medical bills and let you keep the baby. But to want to be compensated for giving it up is treating him or her like an object that could be bought or sold. There are also agencies that can give you free counseling. Look in the book and find pregnancy crisis centers before making any decisions. They will help you with any needs you might have for the baby and questions about adoption.

Depends on the state you live in. Almost all states have laws AGAINST paying the birthparents. The laws allow paying for all the costs associated with having the baby - OB doc fees, hospital, attorney/agency... but most don't allow even for housing or anything more than a tiny (minimal) gift.

I THINK California has some exceptions and in the back of my mind maybe Arizona??

I think it is wrong that you think that..
Now Im not against adoption but why would you even think that you should be paid for something that you dont want...
it aint no second hand goods or anything....
and u didnt invest money into it or anything...u made a mistake and have to figure out a way of dealing with it...
YOU SHOULDNT BE PAID if u wanna think like that maybe you should be paying the adoptive paerents money for havn ur child...
Like child support!!!!

update: I think YOU should relax...course ur gonna get answers like my one LOOK AT WHAT U JUST ASKED....
and I still say u should be paying the people to have ur baby not the other way around...do babysitters pay you to look after ur child?, what about child care I supoose u heard that they pay u to look after ur child....

I just wanted to add that I feel sad for you, as it sounds like you really want to keep your baby. Do you have any supportive family members who can help you with raising them? I hope that there is a way. I hate to think of the three of you being separated because of money.

No you can not be paid for giving your child up. It is illegal. The only thing you can do is ask for assistance while your pregnant for food. And even that is only like $200 a month. If you want to give your child up, do it for the right reasons. Like you can't afford to keep it and want a better life for it. Not because you want money.

If you are serious about doing the adoption go to www.adoptionhelp.org

or www.4babyallen.com

mom of many
compensated!!!!! the only money you should be able to get is to cover doctors bills not covered by your insurance. Baby selling is illegal.

Adopted Jane
You need to to and speak to your parents and ask for support, and the father of this baby..
My birth mother gave me up after having my sister First and has lived a life of utter despair ever since giving me up, never got married never went on to have other children and is now lonely and miserable
It may seem like the best thing to do NOW But trust me down the years you will live to regret it
Get social services, dont you have the single parent pension over there ???

We have plenty of single mothers here in Australia

Our adoption rate has dropped from 10 000 35 years ago to just 568 Last Year

Please Get HELP do NOT give your baby away, and to answer your question NO you can not get money for your baby , the baby is not a commodity to be traded

Maggie Poster Person - Typing in ALL Capitals is considered shoutng AND it makes it very difficult to read ALL Caps

see a lawyer, I know that what you are doing is hard, but legally you are not allowed to sell your babym, so the adoptive parents would only be allowed to pay expenses you incur, but there might be some help he can offer, and please, practice birth control from now on, its a lot less painful than yhe pain you will feel when you give your baby up, oh yeah and the dad has to give it up too you know

BPD Wife
Getting "paid" for placing a child for adoption is illegal. In most states, no money can change hands between the adoptive family and biological family.

I completely understand your concerns with your 3 yr old. Have you looked into what types of resources are available for you in your community to assist with expenses? Perhaps they can even help you to keep your unborn child if money is the only concern with keeping the child in your family.

Good luck to you.

Why would you want to get paid???????? Why would you want to give your unborn child up??? If you couldnt afford another child why not use protection. I find it wrong to even want money to give up your child.

Your confusion is no excuse for irresponsibility. USE PROTECTION!!!! It's a hell of a lot cheaper than a child. When you bear a child you are responsible for him/her. If giving them up is what is best for your child, not you, than you should NOT be compensated. Knowing you gave your child a better life than you could provide should be payment enough.

maggie mae
sorry about people telling you stuff,it,s their job in life to hurt people already hurting,yes you can be given money.you need to talk with the adoptive persons in advance.there is someone on here right now who wants a baby,check into it.tell the people your situation,you need help they need a child,but check them out ,how they are and things like that,you do want a good home for the baby,God Bless you for trying to help both of your children

Mis Music☮
I think its brave of you simply because it would not be an easy thing to give up your baby.. and you want to give it up because you cant support it well and it would probably be better in the hands of someone who can.
as for getting paid for it .. i wouldn't know.. sorry
BTW: i totaly agree 100% with 'Chloe Mafia'... she is your best answer.

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