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Can a person adopt someone who is older than you? and how old do you have to be adopt someone?
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Can a person adopt someone who is older than you? and how old do you have to be adopt someone?


It just depend though some places require that PAP be so many years older then the child(ren) they plan to adopt. Now if someone was 28 and for whatever reason wanted to adopt a 40 year old. I suppose it could happen. It would be strange. I suppose perhaps if the 40 year old was seriously disabled I guess I could see it happening.

Most places want you to be at least 21; some international countries want you to be 25 sometimes older. Like China PAP must be at least 30.

Actually you don’t have to be under 18 to be adopted people can be adopted at any time. The only difference once someone is 18 they don’t need their biological parents to approve it. I have heard of step parents who have adopted their step kids after they turned 18. Typically because they couldn’t adopt them prior to that as one bioParents would not sign away their rights. In most of the cases I have read this “parent” wasn’t involved in the kids lives at all but simple wouldn’t give up rights out of spite.

you must be over 18 as far as I know, but why would an 18 year old adopt a 30 year old? Doesn't make any sense?

No, you cannot adopt someone older than you. The minimum age to adopt varies from country to country. Usually the minimum age is 25 years old. To adopt from china you have to be at least 30.

Love em or hate em
maybe if the older person was mentally disabled or something. but other than that, i'm not sure why that woull happen.

i dont think you can

but i dont really understand your question can you be a
little more specific and add more detail

Harold Sink
I have never heard of adopting someone older than yourself. I believe you need to be able to show financial stability, a certain number of years at your job, and be at least 26 years old. They want to know you have a few years of supporting yourself or someone else.

no because u have to be atleast 21 i believe to adopt and once someone is 18 they can no longer be adopted

You must be at least 18 and just being 18 doesnt mean much, you have to past intense screening and background checks.
It is very hard for very young and single people to adopt.

You cant adopt someone over 18 either.

You can't adopt before 18 as you are not an adult and can not enter into a contract.

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