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Can i adopted a baby from an aquaintance without going through court?
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Can i adopted a baby from an aquaintance without going through court?

this lady at work is pregnant for her fourth time and she does not want the baby, and she doesn't know who the father is. so i want to know if she can just sign it over to me after it is born.


Your co-worker can't simply "sign (the child) over" to you after the child is born. To "sign over" implies "legally", which she CAN do, but the paperwork still must go through the courts.

What you are seeking is a private adoption. An attorney can handle the paperwork for you & your co-worker.

I would caution about the issue of her "not knowing who the father is". Depending on what state you're in, he may have a right to be notified and need to sign relinquishment papers before the adoption can be finalized. In some states, his rights are limited. If he hasn't filed papers with the courts within 30 days of the child's birth, he may loose all rights.

Sadly, some moms say they don't know the father because they don't want them to have a say in the decision. IMO, it's ethically wrong to deny a father his right to decide about his role, if any, in his child's life.

I agree with Grandam of 2, who wrote that your co-worker may change her mind. Through the courts, she will still be given time to change her mind, after which, the adoption will be final.

Good luck!

Heather B
"just sign 'it' over"?! urrghhh what an unfortunate term of phrase

No she can't 'just sign her baby over' to you, there are adoption laws you have to abide by.

No. You can absolutely NOT just have someone "sign over" a baby to you like a piece of land. You must use a lawyer. The specifics definitely vary depending on what state you live in. Do your absolute best to protect the interests of the child and have this done legally, the right way. There is a lot at stake for you and the birth mother but, mostly it is the child who needs to be looked out for and therefore you should absolutely handle this correctly -- with a lawyer and with all the information and consequences known up front. Do not just treat this as though it is no big deal and will just work itself out. Please keep the best interests of the child in mind.

When using an attorney or an agency, the court must be involved. An adoption is not valid without an adoption order from the court.


You have to go through the whole process, just like the rest of us.

Debbie B
You can't even adopt a baby from your own brother with out going to court. First the mother has to give up all parental rights and you establish guardianship then a home study must be down. You have to register and be fingerprinted and after some time you will complete the adoption. It takes a while. At least thats the way it is in Texas. Plus I am not sure if she has to make an effort to try and find the father first. Good luck!

She can't just sign it over to you and have it automatically become your child. An adoption must be done in the court for it to be legal and binding.

Mike G
Doesn't work that way. You need to do it through the courts. Get a lawyer. And a dictionary. It's ADOPT.

if you are even asking this question with such a foolish idea of how to adopt a baby; then are you sure your fit to even care for one?

Grandma of 2
You are running a BIG risk not going through the courts. Without those court papers you have very little claim on this child. Do it the legal way or you might find yourself in a bad situation if the mother decides she has made a mistake. You don't want to bond with this child to have it ripped from you. Your friendship only goes so far.....go to the courts and get this all done legally.

No. At the very least you will still need a homestudy and an attorney.

mom of many
sorry but it just doesn't work that way. You could raise the child as your own but couldn't get medical care or coverage or enroll the child in school or sign any documents concerning the child. To legal adopt it has to be thru a court. And every state is different with their rules. some states you have to take a few classes, have an adoption homestudy, background checks, the whole works. There is also legal guardianship but court is involved with that too. With guardianship you could raise the child as your own and do all the legal stuff nessesary. But the bio mother could take you to court to get that child back whenever she feels like it.

Daisey Duck
Go to a lawyer they can set up a private adoption. Good luck Contrary to somes beliefs private adoptions are legal and can be done. Do yourself a favor and you and the mother go an talk to a lawyer and see what you have to do legally. Not all adoptions have to go through the whole agency thing. There are many private adoptions done everyday so don't let others tell you that you are wrong or that it can't be done. The main thing you need to think about first is your reasons for wanting to adopt then go from there. If she is gonna give the child up anyway why shouldn't you have the opportunity to give the child a good and loving home. Make sure it is a lawyer that deals with adoption so that they are experienced in this matter.

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