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Can i move back with my biological parents?
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Can i move back with my biological parents?

if i wanted and they wanted,could they somehow adopt me back?


big mistake. i know the situation you are in but stop and think. your parents, the ones that raised you love you very much, you are jeapardizing losing them. please think about what you are saying.
whatever the reason you were given up (and i do know) your birthfamily made a legal decision. to overturn that is going to be expensive and take forever. and to be honest, if you was the mom that sat at your bedside when you were sick and helped you through homework and any other problem, i think it would kill me to know i was being tossed aside so quickly.

i know you are not trying to hurt them, but you are going to if you leave. you have a great relationship with your birthfamily, let it be. ever hear the phrase "too much of a good thing"? that is what could happen here. you get along and everything is great, but what happens when things arent so good?

enjoy your wonderful visits with them, but moving in with them may prove to be damaging on many levels. at your age things are so crappy, i remember and i have raised a daughter a few years older than you, trust me--i understand. any problem at home will pass.
ok, im done preaching, email me if you want to talk more, but in honest i feel you are making a mistake.
talk to you soon

They can only adopt you if your adoptive parents sign the papers. Your biological parents gave up their right to you when they adoped you out. Obviously some time ago.

Only if you are 18 years or older. IF you are 18 and wanted to take your biological parents last name, you would not have to be adopted, just have a legal name change.
Have you considered the heart ache that this would cause your adoptive parents that took you, loved you, fed you, clothed you, sacrificed for you and all of the other things?
We are the parents of two adopted sons, one has met his biological parents and it was NOT the fairy tale that most people think of it as being. He endured so much hurt that he nearly killed himself and wants nothing to do with them, our second son came from a private adoption where the biological mother tried to KILL him.
Sweetheart, leave well enough alone and best of luck what ever you decide to do, but PLEASE consider all aspects of this decision.

Angela R
Your parents who adopted you are legally your parents now. They would have to decide if you could live with your biological family or not, and inorder for them to adopt you, your adoptive parents would have to be willing to give you up for adoption to your biological family, with is a big deal, and probably unlikely unless things are really bad in your home right now.

Ms Always Right
It is possible, but your adoptive parents have to be willing, because legally you are their child, And basically go through the whole adoption process again in reverse. Best way to find out how is to call an adoption attorney in your area, Usually the first visit is free, and talk to your adoptive and biological parents together, after you have all the information. I reccomend however, that you stay in touch with the parents that adopted you, if it all works out. They love you too, and have raised you as their own all this time. Be courteous and respectful of their feelings. All 4 parents love you and want what is best.

Best of luck to you

They could only adopt you back if your adoptive parents agreed and gave their rights up.

No they can not adopted you unless your adopted parents decided they wanted to put you up for adoption. Your birthparents would have to go through an adoption process just like anyone else who adopts. With the legal (adoptive) parents, signing away their rights. Not something most adopted parents would do even more when they have been raising their child for over 10 years.

I’m sorry but your birthparents choose to put you up for adoption they also did not get you back during the revocation period. To think that years later they can get you back is crazy. At most they have some sort of relationship with you and that is more then some adopted people/ birth parents have. Once you turn 18 you can live with whomever you want, even get your last name legal changed. In till then just be happy you have had loving parents who have raised you, and also now have a relationship with your birthparents.

Because i very much doubt your parents are going to be willing to put you up for adoption so that your birthparents can adopted you.

Yes, when you turn 18 other than that you going to have to go through a lot of court proceedings and that's only if your adoptive parents agree to it. Like everyone else I think that you should think about the effects its going to have on your adoptive parents. Take it from a mother who gave her child up for adoption I don't know you r story but I know mine and a t the time It was best that I give my daughter up due to the life style that I choose I was not able to raise my daughter but If I could go back i would and I would change it all I miss my daughter everyday and pray that she comes to look for me when shes old enough.

That is a really interesting question! Can you post more on that if you happen to find an answer! Please, I am adopted too and I am very interested! Good luck on your search!

mom of many
I agree with most of the answers, but also..not only must adoptive parents agree to give up rights, but it also up to judge or adoption agency or social workers. They will go into heavily as to the whole reason you were put up for adoption in the first place.

Sugar & Molly's mom
Yes there are ways it can be done.

Why would you want to? Is the family you are in so bad that you would rather take a chance on the one you don't know?

How much do you know about your birth parents? There may be reasons for your adoption that you don't know about. Reasons that if you did you would not want to go to them.

I am asking you to research the family not just the desire of going back. You need to talk with your folks or a councilor to find out the real reason you have considered this.

I will pray for you to get the best resolution for you.

DR.peper man
yes i i think so

No. Your biological parents gave you up! They do not want you. You are better where you are now. Plus, your adoptive parents would have to want to give you away too. I think you should stay where you are, and you are almost grown, if not already over 18. Just get to know the bio parents well, no sense in trying to get adopted again..

yes u could but u will have 2 go through a long process....firdt they question u and ur biological and who ur staying wit now and u will have 2 go ro court and meetings and stuff like that but if u really want to go back with ur parents then u will have 2 accept all these things though...........but good luck wit it!!!

yes they could. you would ahve to go through a court thing and an adoption agency. but yes. I would be a long prossess. A few months.-halo

Depends on the laws of your state. In my state no but the neighboring state (a short drive away) yes. I would need as the birthparent to set up residency for 6 months. After the application to the court for adoption all my natural daughter needs to do is sign the court papers. I know this because she asked me to adopt her back and we will. Try to ignore when people post or advise you to consider that other people's feelings are more important then yours. If this is truly what you want to do then it is not hard and not expensive. It is undoubtedly something you will have thought long and hard about before doing as your adoptive parents will no longer legally be your parents, only the parents who you were born to. Of course this will likely change your relationships with your adoptive family in a negative way but that is up to you to decide. You do not owe anybody gratitude for raising you as it was their choice to adopt. There is also a Facebook page on parents adopting back their children that you may like to visit.

I know what your going through and im thinking about doing the same, with my adoptive parents i am always unhappy and i want to live with my mom and brother but rachael is right the emotional damage will be devastating for your parents...but my question is...is it worth it?

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