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Can i put my 17 year old child up for adoption?
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Can i put my 17 year old child up for adoption?

i want to kick him out but hes not 18 so can i put him up for adoption for a year? is there some limit in age?


sure why not

Carnie C
Perhaps you could have a garage sale to attract some potential buyers and then auction him off there?

♥ Baby #2!! ♥
Thats just a mean horrible thing to ask on here...How could you do that to a son you have raised for 17 years!!...Let him go live with another family member if you dont want him!...Hopefully he see's sence and doesnt want to see you either!

re-re b
Okay, we all get frustrated, but are you serious? You can't adopt him, but cut his lifelines. Do you own the car? take away the keys. Does he pay rent? make him- if he is not working, at that age, he should be. Make him clean house, do dishes and contribute to the family. If he doesn't like it, he can move out on his own. If he is okay with all that, maybe he just needed someone to step up to him and remind him who the parents are. You need to be preparing him to keep a house, contribute to a family, and to make it on his own- he is close to being an adult and needs to know how to do his job as a productive member of society. If he truly is not that bad and ya'll just had a bad day, then get a good night's sleep and start new tomorrow.

Larry R
Well sort of...

It's called "Marine Corps Recruitment Office."

Are you serious? Well he's 17, ask him to leave and see what happens... 16 year olds can get imancipated and be by themselves, see if he wants to do that... maybe he's sick of you too.

Pieces Of Rainbow
I hope this is a joke, because if it isn't I have some questions for you...
1) Why would you do that?
2) What is your problem
3) Why don't you get a life?
4) Or parenting lessons?

17 years, 17 months, 17 days ... about the same thing. A child will feel rejected, angry, and hurt no matter how old they are surrendered at.

But your question must be a joke question, so how about go away.

You could but at 17 its unlikely he would be adopted he'd just end up in some foster home or group home until he turned 18. You could try and get him emancipated where the courts would declare him now legal an adult even though he is under 18. However you would have to have a good reason of doing that.


You can. But, understand that your legal ties to him will be severed. Terminating your parental rights so that he is eligible to be adopted (which won't happen) is not just a matter of him simply not living you. He will no longer be your son -- at all -- under the law. He will be legally without a family. That will not change when he turns 18. You two will be considered nothing more than acquaintances in the eyes of the law from then on.

He'd be better of being emancipated. There will still be a legal parent-child relationship. But, if he's emancipated, at least he doesn't have to live with someone who clearly doesn't want him around. The law will not hold you responsible for his needs if he is declared emancipated. At that point, if he chooses to sever ties with you, he can. He is no longer stuck with you.

i don't think there's an age limit but i think ur gunna find it hard to convince a 17 year old teenager to get addopted.once they are 18 they can leave adoption care or care home (or whatever) and get on with thier own lives eg get married,or live on their own ect

hope it helps

I think all parents with teens... wish they could adopt them out. LOL
But no... he is your responsibility(brat or not) until 18yrs
UNLESS... he goes to court and emancipates himself..that might work.
But I,m sure he wouldn't want to support himself ... kids are given too much. Good luck

Independent Voter
I was wondering the same thing about a 25 year old.He's my sister's son. He's too lazy to find a job. He does nothing but sleep all day and run around all night. Maybe we can find someone who'll take a package deal.:-)

It's hard to believe that most of these posters have no sense of humor.

OMG if you have dealt with him for 17 years one more year will not kill you. as a adoptive child take it from me.... he will always wonder why you put him up for adoption, he will doubt your love for him and possibly grow to have a strong hatred for you. and there is no age limit on putting a child up for adoption but you do have to be able to provide proof that you are either an unfit parent or you are economically unstable to care for him or he can be put into a group home you have to do the research and make sure you will be able to deal with the questions he will have for you or the cold shoulder he may give you!!!!

sure.. but why raise a kid for 17 years and than decide to put him up for adoption.. well maybe its a good thing.. seeing that you don't have a brain. The kid would be better with out you anyway.

He can legally emancipate himself. Giving up for adoption at such an old age is wrong and quite frankly sad on your part for even wanting do such a thing. But you can have hime legally made an adult. I hope you do it, I feel sorry for him to have a parent like you.

Half My Love Is In Iraq
You're a crappy parent. You only have to wait 1 year.


Angela R
If your child is 17, you can allow him to become emancipated if he wants, and then he'll beresponcibe for himself.

Model Mommy
Well...for whatever selfish or lazy reason youre wanting to do this, I think they'd look at you like youre stupid (heh heh) if you contacted an agency to adopt YOUR 17 YEAR OLD! At 17, you dont even have to contact anyone...you can put him out...make him wander the streets or stay place to place. I wouldnt put it past you considering this is your issue. But I'd see if he could stay with a friend or relative. Hopefully, he wants to get away from you too.

This is for other people wondering this question.

You can sign over your rights to the child.The child will then be ward of the state and it is very unlikely that the child would be adopted.He/she would end up being in foster care until he/she is 18.

You can just emancipate him. You fill out papers at the local courthouse.

However, make sure this is really what you want to do, once you do it, it's done, and he'll remember it forever, and could always cause a huge rift between the two of you.

If your that horrible of a mother that after 17 years of taking care of a child and want to give him up for adoption please do you were never meant to be a parent nor love your child being a parent is hard very hard work this is not wal mart parenthood does not have a return policy just because your having a bad day or can't handle your child i mean would you really want to send your child to a foster home where his life may be horrible? you sicken me you should of placed then child up for adoption when they were born instead of trying to start a journey to motherhood you coud not complete

r s
first of all I just want to say I hope this is a joke or you are just stupid...

but if you sign over your rights (if they would even let you) They being social services and juvie court; then you'd probably still be charged with child abondonment both as a child abuse found case and maybe in criminally...

but if you are that stupid to really want to do that, then go ahead...

in some states he is already an adult anyway and probably needs to be away from you, since you are so stupid

its just a mean mean mean bad this to say on her. and no you can't put the pore child up for adoption. the pore pore child will be out of the house in a year!!!

why would you wnat to do this to him, YOUVE PUT UP WITH HIM FOR 17 FRICKING YEARS!!! just let some relative put up with him (or yourself) for one more year. then youll be rid of him, gosh. youre evil D:<

i got kicked out when i was 15 and i hate my mum for it. he may have a bad attitude at the moment but he is a teenager what do you expect. you are his mum take some responsibility. if you love him but really cant live with him help him find a home with relatives or a friend. stop being an irresponsible parent

I take it he's driving you crazy. I'm sorry that you are going thru a rough time. But honestly, I think it would be difficult to do but you could scare him a little by getting some paperwork and leaving it out or something. If he's out of control then see if there's anyway he could go stay with some strict relatives preferably out of town for a while so you can have a break. Good luck!

You can kick him out. Parents do it all the time.

To all the people bashing the person that asked the question: Why don't you take the kid off their hands and raise them? What if the parent has done everything possible and the kid is just a piece of garbage? Maybe therapy didn't work? While we're at it, let's fix the prison overpopulation problem and just have them all live at your house.

17 years is a hard age. I was asking the same question. some of these kids are hard work.

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