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Can we Adopt a child if my husband had a criminal record?
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Can we Adopt a child if my husband had a criminal record?

He got in a fight with someone it was self defense but there is no self defense law where I live in the US. He has a few minor charges too that were thrown in because they like to charge you with as much bull as possible. are there any countrys that overlook criminal records? or are we just plain screwed. I seen that china goes on a case by case basis, I have hopes for that.


There is no such thing as had a criminal record either you have one or you do not. No, adoption is not a possibility for individuals with a history of violent criminal histories.
It is sad that this has happened but, as an adult you sure make a lot of excuses for his behavior, maybe it is for the best.

your particular case will need to be reviewed by a social worker/ adoption case worker. In the US, these things go on a case by case basis as well. While admittedly, a violent crime on the record does not look good, it is not an automatic exclusion from adoption (like say, molestation, rape or drug trafficking would be)
They may want to see some concrete evidence of how he has reformed, perhaps anger management or other therapy.

China does go case by case but given the new restrictions they are being a lot choosier than they were previously.
I would imagine since it was assault charges that will be looked down upon.
Make sure you are upfront with your agency and caseworker from the start. They will be able to give you more direct answers.

I don't know, but I'm curious as to what your "dear birthmother letter" says.

If they are felony convictions, you haven't a hope. If they are misdemeanors that are 8-10 years or older, with no stuff more recently, then it may not be a problem.

I think you might be out of luck, they try to look past that, but if it isn't on his record that it was self defense, forget it. There are some exceptions though, if everything else is A o.k., then you might have a chance.

If you want to adopt in the US it might be possible. Talk to the agency who would be doing your home study and give them as much info as possible. Also if will be better if it was a long time ago (not last year). You would need to write up your version, and perhaps get anyone else involved (witness/friend) to back you up. They will likely be able to give you some kind of heads up if it is a show stopper or not. We didn't do international adoption, so I know less about other countries standards.

I hope they can look past that for you, but i dont know anything about adoption laws. Everyone make mistakes, so long as generally his temper isnt like that and it was a once off i hope you find somewhere. Now being honest, if i was to adopt out a child, i wouldnt choose you with your record because, if i was presented with a couple with a record, its rather obvious id go with the family with out the record.

It all depends on what he was charged with, but if that is the only thing they can proably look past it. Its somthin you will have to address in your homestudy.

Rosalie R
i am adopted and i know that when my parents were going through my adoption they had to have a physcial and they had a credit check and a back ground check as well the home was inspected and they have to attend a bible study for a year and also they were forced to answer questions about thier believes (abortion, political views, ect.) it was a very rigorous process...so there is a possiblility that they will not give you a child

Here in the US, I don't think you would be able to. The agencies really look down upon any kind of violent criminal background. I can't say for any of the other countries.

Sadly, It probably wont be too distant when they start taking away your newly born children just because you have a criminal record as well. :( If our government passed a law stating that a married couple would have to give up their own child as soon as it were born, this would be too extreme I think. Does anyone think this could happen? What does anyone think about a law like this?

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