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Can you adopt If you are claiming benefits?
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Can you adopt If you are claiming benefits?

Please don't flame me as I'm asking this for a friend.

Ok, my partners friend is currently claiming incapacity benefit and income support for his wife. (He's just had a serious operation, and she's caring for him) It isn't financially viable for her to work at the moment so she's waiting until he's better so they can both go back together.

They can't have children of their own and were thinking of starting the adoption process now, as it's supposedly a very long process.

Is this a good Idea? Will they be frowned upon due to their current situation?

Thank you x
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Sunny, their life isn't in the toilet and as they've been talking about it for over a year now, they just wanted to get started on the process that's all. Mick's 36 now and doesn't really want to be a 50 year old dad.

As for naho... did you actually read the question? They both worked previous to his operation and when he's recovered they're both going back.


Shelly P. Tofu, E.M.T.
As usual, I'm aghast at Sunny's insistence on placing everyone in the worst light.. I really honest-to-God feel sorry for anyone going through life with such a pessimistic attitude of human nature and motives.. I personally would go nuts If I was that pessimistic, cynical, whatever you want to call it..

Sorry.. I was aghast.. I had to speak..

as for your question, poster, alot depends on the laws of that particular state..I totally understand their desire to "get the ball rolling" and I'm sure they'll make fine parents.. It may be the case, unfortunately, that they may have to wait until at least one of them is working before applying, but they WILL be able to adopt, I am sure.. They should contact the local state department and see if they are eligible to apply now, of if they have to wait a bit.. one year hopefully won't make too much of a difference...

On another note, as someone who never knew her grandparents because they were dead, because there was such age gaps between them and my parents, between my parents and me.. at leas "I" understood what you meant by "wants to be a father before he's 50" even if others insist on being snarky and twisting it.. (my grandmother died when I was 11 and she was 90.. how's that for age gap?) but she was never really a "grandmother" to me because the WHOLE time I was around, she had alzheimers and didn't know who my mom was, when we would visit.. very sad :-( Both grandfathers dead of old age related health issues before I was born.. other grandmother's situation was similar to the first one.. so I didn't get to experience the joys of "grandparents" like many kids do..

Good luck to them..

You have to claim:

1. Good health
2. Financial stability

Nothing wrong with putting yourself on list to get a homestudy done, say from foster care, but you would have to have one of you working and proving you can take care of a child financially and be in the clearn after his operation before you could likely pass the homestudy. What woudl be good during this time is to research adoption and all that goes with it, and especially look into things like foster care adoption.

They should wait to start the process when they are both back to work. It will work against them otherwise.

They should start when they are on solid ground. Sounds like at the current moment they can barely take care of themselves. I would wait until they are sure he wont have any other medical issues any time soon.

People can adopt children if they meet the basic requirements of their state. As long as the disability is nt shortening their life span or interferes with parenting, they are eligable. Good luck

I dont see why they cant at least start the process now, but my question to them would be is this the right time. Giving up work to care for a loved one after an illness or accident can put alot of strain on a couple, regardless of the financial situation.
If they truly believe that they are strong and this is what they want to do then they need to sit and talk through their options with a professional. The other question would be is how long will it take for your friend to recover because surely at the moment that is the most important thing.

anastasia beaverhausen-the real1
"Mick's 36 now and doesn't really want to be a 50 year old dad"

oh, so does he stop being a dad at that point?

They will be turned down if they apply to adopt right now. They need to wait until they have been off assistance for at least a year.

Not at all, contact your local citizens advise beurea, they will gladly assist.

Andy U
check out this article should be of some use to you...

I'm sure as they are planning to go back to work the adoption people would understand it's the sensible thing to start the process now. Like you said, it can be a very drawn out process.

People are so selfish, it's unreal.

My life is in the toilet, we're dependent on disability insurance to eat, and oh yeah, honey, what about adopting that baby now?

I'm aghast.

It is a long process and there are certainly many steps they can start taking before it gets to all the finical stability issues become a big factor...

Most Fincial Stability information will look back for three years... and Life events and managing to overcome them are NOT negative when it comes to adoption.... Being able to face a crisis in life and come out on the other side in one piece actually make More Realistic Parents...

If this is a "time" in life and not a long drawn out situation that may recur facing a medical crisis and managing to meet the needs of our families while doing so is a Positive.

If they wish to start the ball rolling they can approach any early questions about this period of fincial Flux with that attitude.

Many people believe that the only people who can adopt must be perfect... The truth is that most good adoption case workers will view overcoming Real Life situations as much more positive then those people who walk in and Think they are the "perfect" family...have no problems and have had such a great life that there isn't a thing to be worried about with them.,....

The truth is that parents who come off that way are generally more suspect then those who have lived a real life and managed to stay married--and bonded during the crisis---grew closer together during it and decided it was time to actually take the steps and start the process...

Does That Make Sense for your friends?

i dont see why they cant adopt, on our local radio adverts from our local council, they are crying our for people to adopt, and it stated that it doesnt matter what background you are from, what race ,whether you are single ,married or living as a couple, or even if you are dating someone of the same gender, you can adopt!you dont have to have plenty of money either, so tell them to go for it if thats what they really want. good for them i say!!( by the way im adopted myself).

camel herder
The only issue would probably be that one of them is currently caring for the other so would have little time to care for an adopted child. However if gays can adopt then anyone should be able to.

In order for you to adopt kyou need to be a contributor to the wealth of your society not a lifetime beneficiary of it.

Miss J Parker
I was woundering can I adopt a child whilest on the benifit system, I had a tough time knowing that I'm never going to have children of my own & now that I'm fully on benifits I'm not too sure weather I can adopt a baby or a youngster. I have my family to back me up to help me if I do go through with the adoption, I may not have room now but in the future I may do I live in a two bedroom home.

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