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Can you get a child back after adoption?
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Can you get a child back after adoption?

Could someone please tell me, if someone has put a child up for adoption can they get that child back after a few years? do they have a right to know where the child is etc


♥ Stephanie Louise♥
theyre should be some kind of program
where they get adopted
but you can still have visitation
write letters, etc.

Julie R
They cannot get the child back unless they can prove that the adoption was unlawful - due to fraud or coercion or some other unlawful activity. Even if it was unlawful, the chances are slim because the courts usually see the adoptive parents as "the only parents the child has ever known" (sadly, they tend to ignore the 9 months in utero).

There are exceptions to this, but they are extremely rare and usually require very expensive legal help.

Unless it was set up as an open adoption, the mother sadly has no rights regarding her relinquished child. Even in so-called open adoptions, the adoptive parents hold all the power and can close an adoption at any time they desire. Even states who supposedly enforce open adoptions still tend to favor the adoptive parents.

Morally, I feel strongly that the natural family should have a right to know the whereabouts and well-being of their lost children, and feel just as strongly that those children should know the whereabouts and well-being of their natural mothers and families. Unfortunately, the law and morality are not one and the same.

Isabel A
My adoptive mom told me I would never meet my natural mother. She told me that my natural mother didn't want me.
I was four.

I found my natural mother last December at the age of thirty-four. It turns out she had been looking for me for years. It turns out she wanted me all along. She never got over losing me. She was not a heroin addict or a bad person She was a scared18-year-old woman who felt she was doing the right thing for her baby.

Reunion has not been easy. But she is my mother. I have two mothers. And that is that. My children call her grandma. We are trying to make a go of some kind of relationship.
How does my adoptive mom feel about it? She's fine. When I told her I had found my natural mother, her response was, "Congratulations. I know this is something you have wanted your entire life. I'm so happy for you." And she is. She really is.
She said exactly the right thing.
People change.

Adoption is not as black and white as people make it out to be. Most natural mothers are not "heroin addicts" or bad people. They do not deserve to be condemned.

I have two mothers. That is adoption.

no, you cannot get them back after a few years. depending on what type of adoption it is, the mother has up to 30 days to change her mind. it also depends on what type of adoption if you get to know what has happened to the child. some adoptive couples choose to keep the birth mother in the child's life, most do not.

I waited 30 years because I believed I had no rights and still have not met my son, but I look at his photo every day and even though he has not wanted to meet me , I've upgraded to a 3hr old one to a 30yr old and feel blessed,I don't know about "RIGHTS" but oh the need is there I'm sure and in time

Perfectly Pink
I don't think you can, once you have put a child up for adoption you lose all your parental rights to the child. Speak to social services I am sure they could shed more light on this for you

I don't think so, sadly.

But if you have surrendered a child to adoption, you might need to hear from others who understand what you're feeling.

Some sites that might help:


No, they can't get it back, but the child can find it's biological mother when it gets older.

No you can’t. There is a window of opportunity that birthparents can get a birthchild back this can be from few days up to a few months it depends on the where the adoption takes place, its not years.

Putting your child up for adoption means you don’t have any legal right to them period. One exception would be an Open adoptions and even in that case it’s the few states where Open adoption is legally binding. Another exception would be if the adoption wasn’t done properly. And of course if the biological father never knew about the child, never and the courts/agency never tried to contacted him to ask him if he wanted to sign his rights away.

If everything was legit you could contact the adoption agency you went through to see if the family is willing to have some type of open or semi open contact with you. If not then you’ll just have to wait till thus child turns 18 to seek them out and see if he or she wants to meet with you etc.

Chances are highly unlikely that a child would be returned to its birth mother after a legal adoption. Maybe if you could prove abuse in the adoptive home, or if the adoptive parents agreed to give up custody, but beyond that, I don't think it would be likely to happen. Besides, it wouldn't be in the child's best interest!

There are different types of adoption. An open adoption would allow the biological parents to get information about the child. You could stay in touch through letters, but it is up to the adoptive parents to decide when and if they will let the child see the letters.

raven m
im sorry but once u sign the adoption papers its final and they wont tell u were the child is sorry and God bless you

No, they cannot get the child back after a few years. I think initially you have 30 days from the date of the adoption. Neither are they told where the child is. You are entitled to other information though such as whether the couple have other children, their ages and any other non identifying information. If you are in Australia, contact "Jigsaw". This is a registry where you can express interest in finding your child and register your name and contact details and your child can also submit their details. This is how I was reunited with my daughter! We both had our names on the registry. She found ME, after 19 years. She is now 37 and has a wonderful husband and two little girls. We keep in contact almost daily and have a very close relationship.

The second part of the question depends upon the guidelines set in the adoption agreement.

There is no way to get the child back after the adoption is finalized. There is a six-month period after the parents take custody for any claims or protests to be filed. After that period has expired, and a judge has signed the adoption paperwork, there is no way it can be overturned, including claims of fraud or diress.

Psycho Dave
Donna if you have adopted you child out it is possible to get it back but i would not hold much hope dear you signed them papers under what pressures where you when signing the papers were you persuaded by any one were you in a frame of mind to make these decisions at the time many questions you need to go to a solicitor a good one who deals in family law and it will be expensive see what the legal status is on the issue don't ask on here you should do this in a responsible way Dave also when you are asked questions always think of the consequences of your actions your decision can come back to haunt you you did not think through what it would be like without your child and only thing i can say is who ever advised you on adoption were not the right people to advise you i feel there was pressure from a boy or parent telling you to get rid of it and you did now it is chewing you up inside good luck if you need a chat feel free i am a mentor and work with young people good luck go see a solicitor for proper advice

darlene l
its up to the courts-----you have to have a very good reason to change your mine

i don't like think that a adopted child can get back after a few years.
non posso pensare che dopo poco tempo si possa rimandare indietro un bambino adottato.
dopo tutta la burocrazia x averlo in adozione e dopo la gioia del primo momento non esiste una reazione contraria.
after the burocracy for adoption and the joy of first time don't exist a contrary reaction.

Rachel W
yeah i think they have the right to know where their child is. and it is possible if you find out who has your child and go
talk to the person you gave it to. and ask for your child back.

Unless the birth mother can prove she was coerced/forced into signing over the baby there is no way to reverse an adoption. If it is a closed adoption there is no way to find them until the child is 18 and can be found through the adoption registry. If it is a semi-open adoption the birth mother should be receiving photos and letters from the family and would know how the baby is doing. She could write a letter that is delivered through the agency, but not know where the baby is. If it is an open adoption the birthmother already knows where the baby lives.

The birthfather's rights can be much different. Depending on if he actually signed off and was involved in the adoption or if his rights were relinquished legally.

Heather B
No not after the adoption is finalized

But you have a moral obligation to keep the child in touch with his/her roots and have full knowledge of his/her origins. If you can't be open and honest, you shouldn't be adopting

it is very unlikely as you have passed your child and their rights on to another person, the child is theirs.

Ella (& her dogs)
Depends if it was a closed adoption or open adoption. If it was closed, the birth mother will not know where the child is, and will not be able to find out unless the child attempts to contact them.

i dont think so..

Afraid not , when you put your child up for adoption you are given just 1 year to change your mind if by the end of that year you still have not changed your mind then that is it .
Were is it you live ? The reason I ask is because there may be a support group in your area called After Adoption they are made up of people who have been involved in adoption in some way or another through being a adopter , Birth Mother or adopted parent but they will help you . I know this because I had two children adopted & After Adoption helped me be reunited with them , now I am going to be a Grand Mother on 26th December 2007 by my daughter & she wants me at the birth give them a ring

If it was a closed adoption you have absolutely no rights to the child. The courts will not hear of it.

No, not till the child is 18.

Adoption means like owning that child as if it was your own, unlike being fostered where you can / could get back a child.

If a child you know has been adopted I'm affaid that child doesnt belong to the birth parents now. They have no rights.

This is such a terrible thing to do to a child; they become attached to their adoptive parents and then the real parents come along when they decide to get their child back again after having given him/her up in the first place for whatever reason, and it is just a crime. The child only knows the adoptive parents and to have their tiny world destroyed at the whim of the adults who gave him up is horrible.

Perche tu escribi en Italiano? Che cazzo!

No. That would, and I'm sorry to say it, be unfair to the child, who has known a stable family for those years, and to the parents, who thought they were going to get a child to raise.

No they can't. They signed over all their parental rights to that child when they put it up for adoption.

My husband and I are looking to adopt and we feel that the biological family should be involved but only by maybe letters or something like that. This is not something that you do then once the rough years are finished then you want back in their life. Be mature and let this child be happy.

I I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids cps put my kids up for illegal adoption I have a good fighting attorney helping so I can get my kids back my landlord is helping me & many other parents / families in are fight for our children we are trying to start up a organization to help parents / families get there children / grandchildren back that have been put for illegal adoption by cps the organization will help get closed cases reopen would will nice to have a organization like that in all states a lot of good parents have there children / grandchildren wrongful taken / put up for wrongful adoption / sale we have to come together in all state I would like for everyone to know If u or someone is fighting for your children / grandchildren that have been put up for illegal adoption never stop fighting I would like for everyone to know when I could not fine no one to help me in my fight for my children my landlord is started helping me fight for my 2 innocent children I don't have my kids back me & my landlord are still fighting together for my kids I would like for people to fine others to help them I would like for people to fine good fighting attorney I would like for people to try to start up a organization in there state the foster care system is a very broken system that need to be fixed I want everyone to know u have my support I would like for anyone to e-mail me kindnessohio@att.net Let's all come together to fight to get are innocent children / children back that have been put for illegal cps we have to keep fighting for our children / grandchildren our children are not for SALE

I am look for my son who was adopted out . I have a open one .

Once you go to court and sign those papers, You can not get your child back. I know I adopted my twins off and I had changed my mind the next day. I tried getting them back, but nope once you sign those papers your out of luck on getting your child or children back.

Yes you can! CPS is very corupt and uses fruad and false allegations! its all about money. Its called fraud on the court LOOK it up. it can make everything NULL AND VOID! GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

I did not know i had a child until i got back to MS. I found myself facing 15 years in jail. The mother asked me if i would let her soon to be husband if he could adopt him.Like i said 15 years, I thought that would be the best thing for him but it turned out that i only served 1.5 years. I have since be came a christian and own my own photography bussiness. My pride wants to try to get him because i love him and also the parents deforced and the mother is a drug addict. Would it be wrong for me to try or should i let it go and hope that one day he will know that i am is dad.

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