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Can you get help (financial aid)with adoption.?
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Can you get help (financial aid)with adoption.?

Can you get help financially with adoption? My husband and I have 2 beautiful boys and want a little girl. I am not a very good incubator(first boy born at 6 months)weighed 2pounds 12 ounces. Second came 3 weeks early(c-sections with both) so I am advised to not carry another child. We desperatley want to grow our family but with the 20,000 dollars plus it takes to adopt we just can't do it. Any suggestions on what to do?


google government grants to adopt a child, and there are many many people willing to help. and thats just one place to look!!! there r philanthropers, and all kinds of help.

good luck!!

anastasia beaverhausen-the real1
"I am not a very good incubator"

an adoptee's natural mother is NOT an incuabator!

Foster care is the way, until we as a society stop the unethical practice of "spending?" $20,000 to obtain children for our desire to expand the family.

There are some agencies that are not that costly. I really don't beleive in the tax credit for adoption. Natural parents don't get that so why should a couple who adopt. Look around there are children in the foster care program that are cheap. But they are over looked alot because they have been taken away from their parents. I feel that all children being put up for adoption should go through the foster care that way every child has a chance.

The federal government has a tax credit available for adoptive parents. It's "after the fact" so you have to figure out a way to pay for the adoption and then take the credit. You can learn more here: http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc607.html if you wish.

There are several ways you can proceed with an adoption. You can adopt internationally. The fees are typically high, but if you think your child is in another country, go for it.

You can do a private domestic adoption where you work through an agency or attorney to adopt from an individual. These can have high fees, too, or not.

You can go through the foster system. If you're looking to adopt an infant, there will be a very long wait unless you're open to special needs. If you are willing to adopt an older child, a minority child or a child with special needs, the wait probably won't be long. The fees for this type of adoption are very low, sometimes are reimbursed by the state, and sometimes (depending on whether the child is special needs or not) carry some financial stipend to assist with the needs of the child.

No matter which way you choose to adopt, you can get the federal tax credit. Some states also have tax credits, you can check with yours (call the Department of Revenue for your state) to find out if one exists.

Dear Maria,

I would suggest that you look into foster care adoptions. They are inexpensive as well as provide on-going support for both the parents and child. The child you would be providing a home for REALLY needs one!

On a side note, I am saddened that you would refer to yourself as an incubator (even jokingly). In the adoption world, we have a large number of people who think of first parents as just that. An Incubator. You and we are people. You are a MOTHER! Please, think of yourself that way! :)

PS Gaia's answer is definitely something you should think about! She is dead on, as always!

Kat mom of 4
try Shaohannah's Hope.....


Foster care adoption may be the way to go if money is such an issue.
We adopted from China almost 2 years ago. I know the total cost seems like a lot but it is broken down to where it was manageable. We done a special needs adoption so our adoption progressed much faster than a non-special needs adoption would have. Now wait times are up to well over 2 years for a referral so that gives you even more time to save money before travel which is the biggest cost.

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