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Can you get paid for giving a baby up for adoption?
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Can you get paid for giving a baby up for adoption?

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You people are so quick to throw stones. I never said I was prego. I wouldn't think of getting prego just to get a paycheck. It was more or less a question wondering if you can be compensated for giving the "gift of life" to someone who would do anything for it. GEEZ! chill out


not that i am aware of at least not in florida. i think medical and living expenses can be paid though.

not legally

Joy M
Sure, it is called surrogacy, people have been selling black market babies for eons.

It is sad to me that you care so much about the "gift of life" (an actual human being, being given like a punch bowl)

to infertiles who really want their own baby anyway, and no where in your question do you even consider that a child ordered and sold would have feelings about that.

It is not ethical to create a child with the intent to abandon it, but people do it all the time. It is part of what makes America erm what? uummm, I am not sure what...

Other countries don't make it as easy, but we love money. Yay money.

Even being a Gestational Surrogate (no direct DNA link) you exchange DNA with the child and then it experiences abandonment when born. But who cares? I mean it is all about infertile people, who cares what happens to the children? and you can make some pocket money. Awesome.

Sure you can get paid if you are an immoral and unethical person dealing with the same kind of person.

Tresa R
As far as I know, No you can't. You can be compensated for medical and living costs but babies are not things, to be bought and sold like that.

Not legally.

Though women can get their living and/or medical expenses paid, by either the agency or the adoptive parents, in some states (not all). Which is just one more thing that needs to reformed in adoption....

Heather B
only if your job title is social worker lawyer or Agency employee

Yes, if it is done illegally. A woman in my (upper-middle class) neighborhood sold her grandchild to a couple. She negotiated an open adoption for herself but not for her daughter. She got her just desserts when the couple closed the adoption and moved "somewhere" many miles away.

The harm done to the mother and the child is beyond my comprehension.

Michelle J
State to state may vary, but no you cannot get paid to give up your child. You may be compensated for resonable medical costs and costs of living while pregnant by the adoptive parents. But selling your child is a felony.

Good luck

I don't think you can get paid for giving a baby up for adoption that would be like selling your baby which is illegal. You can get paaid however for being a seregate mother, they usually pay for medical bills sometimes rent and neccesities.

what you speak of is called surrogacy.

i have a question for you: do you ever think that maybe the gift (child) might not want to be bred solely for the purpose of providing income for the bmom or to help an infertile couple parent? or that the whole "gift" facade fed to infertile couples by the adoption machine is simply to bait them into paying tens-of-thousands of dollars to adopt a child? and what happens when this "gift" morphs into a little terror or a flippant adolescent like most kids do?

i think often that the view of the adoptee is absent when these claims are made and very rarely do people get past the "cute and cuddly" baby they fantasized about. children (not gifts) are humans with feelings, needs and fears. they are not cute little trinkets from FAO Schwartz!

Mom to Foster Children
No, you get no money to give a child up for adoption. Some states offer subsidy payments to foster parents, but that is about it...

Angela R
No, it is completely illegal to pay a woman or placing her child for adoption. A surrogate can be compensated, but this is because she is truely carrying someone elses child, and they are sort of "borrowing her womb" for 9 months (sorry to sound crude), and she is expected to go to regular appointmnets, take medication, and often have many injections. There are also usually limits on how much she can be compensated.

Honestly, you do not actually get paid for giving a baby up for adoption. Some adoptive parents/agencies pay or provide maternity clothes, vitamins, and doctors bills.

Some people do get paid, but it is not legal.

No, but if your looking to get some money, you can become a
surrogate. I guess but I would really look into it because I know that the want to be parents pay for the hospital visit the delivery and your meds, but getting paid to have a child I don't think so.

not directly no, but indirectly yes, if you need financial help the adoptive family can do this for you....pay bills etc.

For my scars shall mold me
Is money more a concern for you than knowing that a life that you have brought into this world has a good home? I guess I am confused as to why you would even ask such a thing

Yep. I knew a girl who did this because she was raped and was a drug addict. The parents gave her money throughout her pregnancy and when the baby was born....healthy! She had stopped using and had been in Rehab most of her pregnancy..a lump sum was paid. She graduated from Rehab started a new life and then relapsed and spent all the money on cocaine. Lost her job and her car and is on the streets. It still was a wise decision for her too give the baby up..she knew what was going to happen. The adopted parents write and communicate about the baby. Letters and photo's because that was the conditions. It IS legal and there were lawyers involved in the entire process. I am not sure if any money was in the contract because it is always a risk to adoptee parents. Surrogate or a regular adoption they use the money as a surety that will intice the mother not to bond with the baby and change her mind later. Lots of awaiting adoptee parents lose alot of money and sometimes more than one attempt. One Surrogate I know KEPT her baby and
the awaiting adoptee's lost alot of money. The mother always can back out...that's why alot of awaiting couples go through a tough time finding a newborn to adopt.

WOW, all your worried about is getting paid, good thing you giving your baby up for adoption.

Proud Mama of 4
No you can't.

The way the question is formed is very telling of the persons mindset here. The question of do you get paid to give up your baby for adoption is posed in such a way that it is obvious the main interest in the subject is about getting paid....mind you defenders of the OP out there that the subject is a new born infant... The answer YES there are many many ways to GET PAID for having a baby! The question really is what kind of person is only interested in GETTING PAID for their baby, and less concerned about the baby themselves and where they will end up? The human race huh? Whos winning it? Because I am unimpressed

The way the question is formed is very telling of the persons mindset here. The question of do you get paid to give up your baby for adoption is posed in such a way that it is obvious the main interest in the subject is about getting paid....mind you defenders of the OP out there that the subject is a new born infant... The answer YES there are many many ways to GET PAID for having a baby! The question really is what kind of person is only interested in GETTING PAID for their baby, and less concerned about the baby themselves and where they will end up? The human race huh? Whos winning it? Because I am unimpressed

yall need to chill. she asked a qquestion, you dont like the choice of adoption dont answer the damn question. I am pregnant, and considering adoption. I wanted to know ALL of the details, and process. Yes , you CAN get paid...no not for selling your baby... but they compensate you for your living expenses , schooling, etc. I spoke w/ a friend of mine who went through it a few years ago and he told me they recieved 10k cash....which he gave all to his baby mamma and she went to school with the money. its not like..oh we want to give up our child for $, my thought is..okay if i dont get $ thats fine..if i do that would be great because then i can use it to better my life so if or when im ready to have another child I will be in a better position to do so down the road. dont just jump to conclusions about someone over the internet asking a Q, when you dont know them. and dont say NO when you havent done it, nor know the truth. Quite a few ppl have told me you do get $ but its not for adoption of the baby, but to make life more comfortable for the birth mother before and after the birth. We go through a lot in this process, its not easy and its very traumatic but I would rather give my child to a family who can properly love and support her financially. I do not and will not have the means to support her and give her what she needs anytime soon and I refuse to let my child go through what I did. please dont judge something if u know nothing about, and give some people some slack. thx

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