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Can you leave foster children with a babysitter?
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Can you leave foster children with a babysitter?

i was just wondering if you foster are you allowed to leave the foster child with a babysitter or another member of the family if you want to go out?
I'm asking for a friend they got a foster child at the moment but its her birthday next week and my daughter who is a trainee teacher has said she would babysit for them would she be allowed?



In our state at the time (ending in 2004) we could only leave Foster Children in the care of someone "qualified" to "apply" for the background checks.

Meaning we could not leave them with someone who was not living in the household (part of the home study and certification process) Unless, they were old enough to apply to become Foster Parents...

No teenage neighbor's or nieces living outside of our home. But, yes to 17 year-old daughter living in the home.

only if they've been police checked i thought??? and registered with social services.

Why thumbs down....my friends are foster parents and that's their situation. I found this through social services......"In all cases, the child’s social worker or family placement worker should be notified of babysitting arrangements for the child, either beforehand or within 24 hours of the arrangement being made, so that accurate records can always be maintained, of arrangements made for children’s care."

If the babysitter is regular, they have to be police checked

No she needs to get with the services that she is a foster parent out of. I helped my neighbor when she needed it but before I could they had to have a back ground check, driver's license and social security . This might sound like a lot but it's wasn't a big deal this protects the child . If the child gets hurt and the baby setter is not approved of your sister could end up in jail. There is a lot of rules where foster care is concern. But God Bless the people that do it for the good of the children.

Heather Leigh
Yes, you can leave them with a baby sitter. Now if it is a regular child care provider, they must be state licensed. If you are in doubt, have her check with the agency that licensed her.

Hope your friend has a wonderful birthday!! All parents need an occasional break from the kids.

they have to be registered with social services, as someone who might watch the children. It's a really thoughtful idea...Maybe your daughter could give her friends a gift card for a restaurent or movie instead...

ETA- really ALL caretakers need a break) Are you really telling me you- eat, breathe & sleep nothing but your children...Honestly...? Or is your time out on the computer...? Then is that really any different than hiring a babysitter....
It's statments like yours that create Mommy Guilt for others that need a break to be a better parent.

Randy B
The rules in my area allow for it and they even reimburse the sitting costs, if any. We have no requirement for a police check for the sitters either.

↑ ♥ Mama to Michael ♥ ↑
No you cannot just leave a foster child with anybody. The babysitter needs to be crb checked and approved by social services before they can look after a child in care.

You friend should tell her childs social worker that she want to put the child into respite care for that event and then the social worker will be able to find an approved person to babysit the child.

Thats weird because I have been a foster parent & our children services department has free babysitting for foster parents if they want to go out & every other weekend if a foster parent needs a break & asks for it. They are very particular so I would call them first

yes we have to name a secondary caregiver and an emergency. They don't get checked as we do (fiances etc) but they do check them and if they are going to stay at their house over night they need to do a safety check. If they will just be there a few hours no need for a safety check. If they find out you leave your foster kids with ANY and i mean ANY other person other than your alternate or emergency contact your foster children will be taken away.

They told us in training that only, only, ONLY have people with fingerprint clearances on file may be responsible for the children at any time. The rules may be the same in your state,, or they may be different.

I think so if the baby sitter is registered or ask the centre to be safe.

In Ontario Canada, the sitter needs to be approved by CAS which includes a police check and an interview with either the children's foster worker or the foster parents social worker. If the sitting will be done in the sitters home then the home would have to be inspected as well.
In Ontario they also offer so many hours of respite care with a trained and approved respite foster worker each month. The amount of hours is dependent on the childs placement needs. For example, if the child is in regular foster care the amount of hours would be less than for a child that is in a theraputic foster home. We had my husband's parents certified and their car certified (children in foster care here are only allowed to ride in cars with special insurance qualifications and after it has been checked for car seat regulations).
If you are in the USA I am not sure how it works. I am assuming it is probably a lot more lax.

nanny chris w
Betz' answer is correct (in Wales anyway)

Mom to Foster Children
Sure she can. I would make sure that the child knows your daughter and is comfortable being around her and that your child understands a little of what's going on and why the child lives with your friend..

Foxy Lady & Baby due 15/10/09
Yes, but I THINK the baby sitter/other members of the family need to be police checked first. This was certainly the case a few years ago when friend of mine was fostering a child, I don't know if things have changed now though

We had 3 babysitters we used on occasion when my son was in foster care. (We have since adopted him.) One family (mom, dad, foster child) we met in our MAPP classes and they had been fingerprinted and cleared through the Dept. of Justice as they also had a foster child they were caring for. The other two babysitters were single women in their early 30s who worked with my husband. We paid for their fingerprinting and DOJ clearances and since my husband knew them well from work, we were comfortable leaving them with our son.

Most of the times we left our son with a sitter was when we went to our adoption group classes!

I was a former foster child and I remember being "baby sat" by 2 good friends of the family I was living with at the time. One was interested in adopting me( for a while I was up for adoption) and I stayed with her when my foster mom went into labor.

There was another time that my sister and I stayed with another friend of theirs( she was another foster parent though)

In another home, we would go to the foster's mother's mom's house asfter school until she and her husband got off work.

Since shes your daughter I'm pretty sure the social services would approve of it, call and ask to be sure though. I also remember staying with foster grandparents. And even a foster aunt...but i was with that family for 3 years so they were like FAMILY lol.

I'm sure the social services are familar with your daughter? You should call and ask just to be sure though because in some states they do things differently.

Only if they have clear crim check.
I am a daughter of foster parents living at home and although I have never left the home, I had to have a crim check done at 18.


All babysitters had to be on an approved list. We gave a list of our sitters and they ran social work checks etc. They were all friends of ours so police checks were not necessary.

Right now we don't have a sitter for our own kids....tried twice and got called back both times...kids really act up while we are away!

Put it this way, yes she can baby sit, its not illegal.
its perfectly fine.

Nicoleigh ツ
Yeah she would be :) ... Have fun out lol x

I ♥ Purple
No I don't agree with having babysitters...if your children can't go with you it isn't important enough to go.

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