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Can your mom at 17. make you get a abortion. Im scared?
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Can your mom at 17. make you get a abortion. Im scared?


Santa's Lil' Helper
No she can not......you have legal rights.
If she takes you to the clinic tell them you are being forced.
Tell a teacher or some other trusted adult.

Mom is not thinking straight right now.......she thinks by you having an abortion the problem will just go away....it may for her but not for you. You may experience post partum depression followed by a sense of guilt over killing your baby.

Consider talking to someone as soon as possible.

Good Luck to you.....I hope your okay and you an mom can work this out.

Consider adoption......we were so lucky to have had the chance to adopt a baby.
Nekomimi.....is a little off the wall.....a baby broker is someone who SELLS your baby to the highest bidder without any regard to the child's safety.

I would agree not to leave your child in the hands of CPS either. A private adoption where YOU can pick the parents if the best choice.

I am sorry that Nekomimi has had the loss of friends due to issues with being foster children but it is irresponsible to tell you to take your child to a baby broker!!!

Joel R
Absolutely not, it is your decision.

luhb u much!!
she can't MAKE you. its your decision.. good luck

I doubt it.

Call the local Planned Parenthood in your town/city. I'm sure they would know the legalities of that.

I"m not sure if there is a law against that, but I think that the doctor performing it wouldn't be able to do it if you refused.

Welcome home baby Chrissy!
thats tuff. your mom does have a right to take you to the clinic but while you are there you let them know you DONT want to have an abortion if you dont. She can not make you have one if you dont want to unless she can prove you are unfit or that the baby poses a hazard to your health. Good luck

No. She can threaten, but medically you are an adult at seventeen. The hospital would need your permission to preform such action.

no, she can't make you get an abortion. that is a medical procedure and cannot be performed without the patient's consent, so if you refuse, it can't be done. good luck.

Problem Child
No, absolutely not! As you are still a minor, your mother can sign off on most other medical procedures, but NOT abortion. The laws are very clear about this. Even if you were twelve or ten, she couldn't force you to get an abortion. If she forces you to go to the clinic, all you need to do is tell the staff that you don't want an abortion, and they will not touch you, guaranteed.

No she can not make you have an abortion. I do not care if you are a minor or not. You always have medical rights and before they can even stick you with a needle to draw your blood they must have your consent and it must come from you unless you have been deemed unable to speak for yourself. If she forces you to go to a clinic you need to tell the doctor no. If the doctor decides to try and do it any way using your mothers consent, let him know that you know you have the right to say no and he is obligated to listen to that. No doctor wants to face that kind of Malpractice suit. I know your thinking you don't have the money to sue but many Lawyers will take on a case that is a sure fire win Pro Bono.

Nope. She has not say. In fact YOU have to give permission to the doctors to let her know anything about you. It's call patient confidentiality. HIPPA. It's a wonderful thing. Don't let her force you into a decission that you will regret.

I am so sorry you are going through this. I suggest you find a reasonable and responsible adult to help you through this. (I would turn to my youth leader.) I would also get myself in the counsel of a lawyer.

Your mother cannot force you to have an abortion. If she tries to force you to do anything (using intimidation, abuse, etc.) you need to get out and get help. You should be having support and understanding at this time, not the stress and fear she is putting on you.

Find a trusted adult. Good luck and God bless.

No one can make you get an abortion, don't ever let anyone make you think that they can either! Besides I don't think that there is a doctor that would do it if you refused it at age 17.

No. She cannot force you. However, she is under no responsibility to care for you or the baby if you choose to keep it. You become an adult under the law, with all of the responsibilities included. So be prepared to have a place to live and a way to support yourself and your child.

Can she force you? No
Can she pressure you to? you bet

Ultimatly, it's your baby, your body & your decision.
There are some great organizations out there that would be willing to help you. As another poster mentioned, there's planned parenthood, they remain very neutral on all options giving you good informed choices.There's also Birthright. It's world wide & free. But in all honestly, they don't discuss abortion as they are an "abortion alternative" They will give you all the choices regarding adoption & keeping your child, and will assist with either that YOU choose. They are in no way affiliated with an adoption agency & are run completly by volunteers. They have a variety of services availible, including if necessary, finding a place for you to safe place for you to stay should staying with your mother not become a choice. They'll even help you prepare for a baby should you choose to keep it. You can find them in any phone book.

Ultimatly this is your choice. You are the one that's going to have some big decisions to make. You need to decide what will be best for you & your child.

Please don't let anyone talk you into doing anything you don't want to, you will be the one that will be living with your decision for the rest of your life, and noone else has to walk in your shoes

If you ever need to talk, please feel free to email me.. I'm always around

Legally not sure, but its your baby if you want to keep it this should be your choice, dont abort

Call the local Planned Parenthood in your town/city, immediately.

HELL NO!!!! only you can make that descision. if your mom is trying to force you there are people out there who can help you. look up abortion alternatives in the yellow pages or email me and i will find you people who will help you and are in your area. this is your life not hers do not let her make decisions for you. and if you don't want an abortion, don't call planned parenthood they will try and convince you it's the best option for you at that age. they tried that with me. this is your life and your decision and in no state can another make a decision like that for you. there are resources out there that will help you.

pamela d
not really.. lts all up to you

marcels mum
No she cant its your decision, she may not agree with your choice, but she is your mum, she should support you either way.
I'm 19 with a 12 week old boy and my mum wanted me to get an abortion, now she loves him so much, she even apologized for suggesting an abortion!

No she can't make you but she can make your life hell.
Look I'm not going to tell you what to do it's your decision. You can keep the child and make a good life with the little one. Your mom will love the child
You can abort-Then the child is the hands of god
You can adopt the baby out- Your giving the child a chance of having a good life
Either of the last two the child is out of your life. Please use birth control after this. No child should have to go through this.

Me too..

No, she cannot MAKE you.

legally she cant but u know its really hard to not listen to ur parents when ur living under their roof, its sad. Thats what happened to my friend. Best thing to do is if u know ur mom is going to make u get an abortion wait as long as possible to tell her cuz hopefully ulll be almost 24 weeks where u cant get one in CA after that.........try to keep ur baby, i had an abortion and i regret it so bad, the scars never seem to heal....

absolutely not, in terms of reproductive medicine eave young girls are considered adults, this is your decision, legally and morally and in every other way.

It is actually your choice if you want to keep the baby or give it up so that you can still have your life young than you dont havae to get one but your mom act tell you wnat you want to do.It has to be your choice.

It's your body, not hers.

No mother should EVER make her daughter get an abortion.
Yes, she probably has your best interests at heart, but this decision is completely your choice, nobody else's.
Remember though, you most likely do not have the finances nor conditions to raise a child at age 17.
Keep in mind that you could always have the baby and put him/her up for adoption, it would be hard though, you will have already developed a deep, unconditional love for your child.
Hope you make the right decision, and hope I helped.

I was 17 years old when i gave birth to my daughter. 12 years later I am so blessed that she is in my life. she is amazing. its your choose. but if your going to be a mother, be the best mother you can be.

Abortion isn't that big a deal. Back in my day, all the girls had one. Your mom knows that it is scarey, but it's over before you know it. Trust your mom. She wants the very best for you. Trust her on this one.

You're not a "bad" girl. You haven't done anything wrong. Don't listen to people like that. You are special no matter what.

Best wishes.

Once you are pregnant . You are not considered a minor. So it is your decision and I would hope that you would consider life. Many people cannot have kids and would love to have the many that people selfishly abort

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