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Does anyone know how much a foster parent is paid in Louisiana???
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Does anyone know how much a foster parent is paid in Louisiana???

My husband and I are thinking about becoming foster parents. We have a 4 year old son now, and we would like to give another young child the same opportunities our son has. Just wondering what the boarding rate is per month?
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For the dummies out there who do not know this, the money you receive, social services call it a boarding payment. My son is very fortunate, but with foster kids, there are specialist doctors and therapists that the children have to see often, so I want to know how much does the state help with that. And everything my child has is not measured by money, we can offer other things to children who have nothing and no one. And yes, I would take a child with no pay, just wondering what the state helps with.


The best way to find the answer to this question is to call your local children and family services.

While I believe all children in foster care are special needs, if only for the fact that they are emotionally fragile because of be separated from their parents, the per diem rate does vary by the type of need, age of the child and how hard the child is to place. In GA where I was a foster parent, infants and toddlers received about $10.25 per day, elementary age kids received $12.50 per day and teens recieved like $13.50 per day. Fostering is not a cash making deal but there are other subsities to help you financially. The children are on Medicaide so the medical, doctor, dentist, and therapists costs are covered 100%. They also cover a good portion of day care expenses if you and your spouse (or if you are single) have to work outside the home. There is also a small clothing allowance two or three times a year.

As a foster parent of two and for a short while three foster children, you do not make money fostering children but they do cover enough that the out of pocket expenses are minimal...but you do have some. If you sign one of your children (bio and foster) up for soccer or a club, you will pay for that out of your per dium. My foster kids were in Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. it was a large church and I was a member. They had "scholorships" and both of my foster children received them for their fees. At Christmas you usually get some assistance from the community through the gifts for angels program. My foster son had an awesome sponsor at Christmas. He was given lots of the stuff he asked for. My foster daughter was not as fortunate. So I used my money to offset their gifts. I used those gifts from Santa and bought them a nice christmas from me too.

Good luck. Fostering was one of the two most rewarding things I have ever done. Adopting my daughter was the other. While both were difficult, I don't regret doing either.

No matter where you go, foster parents are paid a ridiculous amount that no where near begins to cover their basic necessaties.

If there was ZERO pay for a foster child would you still be willing to become foster parents? If the answer is no, then becoming a foster parent is not a good idea

mama mia
You want to give another child the "same opportunities?" If you have to ask how much money you will receive for caring for a child, then your own child must not have too many opportunities, himself. Don't bother. You will spend every dime you receive on caring for the child, and much more on top of that, in order to do the child justice. If you cannot afford to simply take care of an extra child with your own money, it won't work out.

boarding rate? you must be kidding.

everyone gets paid less in Louisiana. so expect the worse type of pay.

Mama Bear
As in any state, it can vary. Depending on age, health, etc...
your best bet is to call and ask.

"Boarding"? These aren't family pets, they're kids!!!!! I'm sure you'd be denied anyway so don't even bother applying.

this is lovely to hear that there is people like you out there willing to help i would love to foster but have my hands fall with 4 children of my own i was reading in the paper they where advertising for foster parents the rate is about £400 a week

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