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Have you adopted through DSS?
Find answers to your legal question.

Have you adopted through DSS?

We're in the process now. Just wanted to get some input from families who've gone through it.


We're foster parents through the state foster system. We've taken several children into our home & have loved it. We also pursued an adoption of a young lady who was nearly an adult. She decided that she liked the plan she had for her life & to not move forward with an adoption, but we stay in contact with her.

We went through the 10 week training (once a week, three hours per meeting) which opened our eyes to so many issues. We got fingerprinted, background checked, child abuse & neglect checked, had our homestudy, etc. about two years ago.

We also adopted internationally about 2 1/2 years ago.

I'm so glad we did it (the adoption & working through foster care). Our lives are so rich and full & we love it!

Yes, and I would not deal with Texas what so ever. They hurt us, they hurt the children and our finances.
They sent children they just wanted out of the system. They were advised by professionals to send them one at a time. We were told the professionals didn't know what they were talking about and that the girls were fine.
They are scary people and the older of the two was showing sociopath signs. The only thing that would calm her was litheum ! VERY FEW have the ability to bond with you.

We have adopted through Child Services in Missouri. Additionally we adopted privately.

State adoptions are very emotional particular if the placement is made before parental rights are terminated. In addition through the state infant or under three year old adoptions are very rare without sibling groups.

I wish you the very best we love our children so much they definitely were worth the anxiety and concern. If you need advice privately contact me. We are pretty much private citizens with an extensive knowledge of legalities due to the private adoption being contested and the State adoption having many barriers and ups and downs before the decree was issued.

We are in the process right now as well, for the first time. And I have to admit, it is very difficult....but we just keep reminding ourselves that we will have a beautiful child when it is all said and done.

BPD Wife
Our son was in Kinship Care with his biological grandparents when we proceeded with a private adoption. We didn't technically "adopt" from DSS, but we did have involvement with them thru the state of NJ. We went thru a lot of difficulties with them, but not all states are the same. If I can provide any assistance, please email me thru my profile.

My sis ATTEMPTED to adopt 2 children from Social Services in TX. The bio mother (a crack ho who let her boyfriends 'use' these children in the most disgusting ways) had abandoned them. DSS promised that rights would be terminated a.s.a.p., & my sis could adopt the children. Instead, they lied to the judge about the bio mom's incooperation w/his orders & eventually just gave them right back to her...even though she had not had even ONE clean drug test! In the meantime, the grandparents (AND the "Child Advocates" volunteer!!) STALKED my family members (including ME!) (not just my sis), made false reports to DSS, etc. They even PHYSICALLY ATTACKED my neice (11yo) in a parking lot. By the time these (foster) kids come back into the system (which they surely will), they will be so screwed up that bonding will be virtually impossible. This was the DETERMINING factor in our decision to do only foreign, private adoptions in the future. There are soooooo many children in foster care, but, seeing what I have seen, I could never withstand what my sis tolerated. I want more children, but I am more willing to travel to unstable 3rd world countries than to deal w/DSS.

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