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How can I place my teenaged child up for adoption?
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How can I place my teenaged child up for adoption?


Maybe your child should put YOU up for adoption.

lol i bet every parent to a teenager has asked that at some stage

why would you want to do something so heinous?

If you are having trouble with your teenager try the Boys and Girls Town Hotline at 1-800-448-3000. See link below for more information.


Good luck.


A friend of mine, single gal with a 14 year old, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She didn't have any family that was able to take her daughter and decided to make an adoption plan for her instead of having her go into foster care after she died.

I'm not saying that's the case with the person asking this question - it's quite possible this is a troll - just saying that there is more than one reason that someone may need to do such a thing than just wanting to dump their kid. That may be worth considering before you rip the s*** out of people.

Headmistress McGonagall
Call your local children and family department. They will place then in foster care right away.

Or you can just wait till the teen is 18 and tell them to get out.

Tammy K
Do you mind if I ask why you would want to give your child up? Do you have family or friends who can help you with this child? Parenting has it's ups and downs. Feel free to email me privately if you need someone to talk to. I am a good listener and won't judge you.

How could you not love your own child

Why wold you like to do something like that???

Why put them up for adoption, place them on Ebay and make a profit.
Make sure you put down "NO RETURNS"

All you can do is give up your rights to the state. Your child might not even get adopted and just linger in the system until he or she turns 18.

First of all, I am for adoption. I am adopted and have 2 adopted children. However, I am against a parent raising a child until they are a teenager and then just decide not to parent anymore. That is disgusting. Maybe you should have thought about placing for adoption when he/she was first born. It may have been better for them, then to realize that a parent does not want them now.

This is mean, Even if your joking you can really hurt your child for life.

Dont Touch xXx
Are you serious? I have no idea how you can do that... isn't it like against the law to put a child over than like 12 up for adoption?....sorry for not helping...but seriously are you serious?

Carnie C
Check and see when the circus is coming to town and leave him there....

I tried to adopt a 16 year old once but the paperwork would have lasted until she was over 18 so I gave up. Usually the courts will sever parental rights not have the parents give them up.

My brother tells me you should put your child in a barrel with a hole then poke food in until they are a teen then plug the hole. I think many parent regret the poor job of parenting they did when the kids are teens. Many more just have a teen rebel but they will be fine once they leave home.

Hang in there they will grow up soon and you may have hair left but probably all gray.

Carol c
Linda, whether you're a troll or this is a genuine question, you should be ashamed of yourself. I feel sorry for your child.

Give them to DFS. Sign over your rights. Then go jump off a bridge. Really what do you think you are doing coming on here and asking a question like that? Go put yourself in a hospital and when you get out look at your child again.

you need to contact a caseworker at family and child services..possibly foster care or emancipation of the child will be considered

Yikes! I hope that you are seeking help for your family.

Terra gave you are great resource with Boys Town.

There are other organizations that can help as well:

Good luck to your family!

Previously Nebraska accepted teenagers under the safe haven law, now its limited to infants.

I'm afraid you're stuck with the little bugger.


John A
There are people in this world who know more than we do. At least they know more than I do. Maybe you could get a big brother or sister for your child. Maybe you could join a church and let some of the folks who have had to deal with
all kinds of out-of-control kids could help you out. Check your own family. Maybe you have an uncle or aunt who would really know how to handle a problem kid. Sit down and ask the kid why he or she is being so difficult. Keep quiet and just listen. Perhaps you will find out about a problem that you were completely unaware of. Remember that if a kid thinks that you are using him to feel good about yourself, he or she may grow resentful. No one wants a guilt trip laid every time they are not perfect. Make firm rules and firm punishment-each rule implicitly stating that you are the boss-a fair one, but the boss nonetheless.

why the hell would you put them up for adoption?! are you too self-fish to realize its not whats best for your child? you raised them this far, this is the final stretch and you gotta run it out. they aren't very young, the very young children will hardly remember you at all, but your teenager will remember you clear as day. AND its way harder for a teenager to get adopted than it is for a young child to get adopted.

please, balance the pros and cons. you might realise that there are more cons. i'm sorry this doesn't answer your question.

I sold mine to Gypsies. Now they have to work hard but are happy.

Have you thought about giving them back to the hospital that you got them from? It may be worth a try.
good luck.

Wow ummm why would you want to? You can turn them over to foster care but unfortunately most teens never get adopted and that is a sad place to put your child but if you don't want/love them maybe it would be better for them. I really just hope this is a troll question as this is too sad if it isn't.

thats a teenagetr not a little kig they'll rmember thats ****** up to do
i wouldnt if i were you

drop off at cys or dyfs


Just a little. I agree with ebay. though.

Yeah, I totally agree with the eBay idea.
But how can you give your own child up for adoption? That's the most ****** up idea I've ever heard a parent would do.
I feel sorry for your kid.
I hope he/she knows you're thinking about such a thing.

y woud u want to do such a hatred thing unless their bad i suggest u to take he/she to a foster home

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