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How can we find a pregnant woman who wants to give her baby up for adoption?
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How can we find a pregnant woman who wants to give her baby up for adoption?

We are a married couple who cannot have children by our own. Instead of going through any kind of fertility treatment in order to bring a new baby to this world, we would rather find a pregnant woman who wishes to give her child up for adoption directly, without any agency involved, so we can give our love to this baby. Of course, we are not looking for something ilegal or "buying" a baby, we just want to find someone for private adoption, something that is legal in many countries (many states in USA, Mexico, Bolivia...). The problem is that we do not know where to find those women looking for help. How should we search for them? And where?


ebay... craigslist... overstocked.com...uteri r us!

come on now... why do people keep posting this question?

ETA: shanice, i'll give you a pass because you seem very young, but please know how stank it is to expect that a young woman would stay pregnant just to give someone a kid! if someone wants an abortion...they usually don't want to stay pregnant! this ain't juno, dear.

ETA: jennifer... like i mentioned previously, i'm sorry that your husband was in charge of your reproductive choices... but...your poor reproductive choices do not mean that you are entitled to a baby just because you are christian and your sister has more kids then you. if you truly want more kids, try foster care... there TONS of kids who desperately need a home...that way you can help a kid who really needs help (as you implied i do not support when you emailed me).

but somehow, i think you are itching for a baby fresh out of the oven and not one of 'those' foster kids...

Well this is definitely not the place.

Please do not contact any 'teens" considering abortion on this forum as one of the other posters stated. That is rude. Mind your own business.

You are trolling. That is against Y!A's code of conduct and it's also disgusting. If you truly want to give a home to a child who needs one (rather than separate a newborn from its mother), adopt a child through foster care.

If you insist on trolling for babies, go somewhere else. This isn't the place for it. In fact, NOWHERE is the proper place for it.

Dear Susana,

Have you considered adopting an older child? How about foster care adoption? Infant adoption is a tricky thing when it comes to ethics. I sincerly hope that you and you husband will educate yourselves about adoption and look at all your possible options within adoption before you rush in to it.

Please hang around here for a while, read some blogs and books, join some adoption chat boards, talk to people who are living adoption, etc. Educating yourselves will help you navigate the complicated, LIFELONG process of adoption and help you to be a better (adoptive) parent in the long run. You can also find support and ideas through many of these sources.

Here are some great web sites:

Here are some blogs you may be interested in:
First Mothers:


Best wishes for a positive adoption experience for you and your family!

PS: Please do not "troll" for pregnant teen or expectant mothers in crisis on the internet! This is predatory and extremely UNethical behavior!

ETA: Jennifer B. Are you kidding?! OMG! Not funny.

You could go and become a foster parent with the intent to adopt. My cousin and his wife couldn't have children but really couldn't afford the cost of adoption so they went through their own county. They took mapp classes, and did their home study. The entire process takes about 6 months. Once your licensed you may be as choosy as you like. EX: girl, under 3 months, white, brown eyes. An adoption costs less then 500.00, in most states. And your childs education will be paid for, college. Also they will send you a monthly check until the age of 18, not much, a couple hundred dollars. I highly suggest you checking it out. We recently finished classes, and have our homestudy tonight. Hopefully by sept we'll have a baby girl Hope this helps, and good luck =)

Gaia Raain
I've heard of quite a few predatory techniques since I've been on Y!A. I'm SURE you wouldn't want to do any of THOSE things, though, because they're unethical, sometimes illegal (and if not, they should be), and as I already mentioned, predatory. As others have mentioned, you could try foster care, or foster adoption, if you have any interest in ethical adoption practices. Before doing that, though, please spend a LOT of time reading up on the adoptee's point of view. Your child will have to give up everything they know and love to become YOUR child, and that's really sad. Here are some good books to start off with:

Twenty things adopted kids wish their adoptive parents knew
The primal wound
Helping children cope with separation and loss
Journey of the adopted self
Toddler adoption: the weaver's craft

esto es trafico de menores, esta penalizada por ley.


Now that Guatemala is cracking down the "baby selling racket", they are moving into Bolivia taking advantage of the indigenous people there. Although, its "legal" that doesn't mean its ethical nor righteous.

Have you tried buying a doll. There are good ones that you can bottle feed and pull a string or squeeze and they'll make plenty of noises and sounds. Some can even say words and poop. Just a suggestion.

Well, VERY few women WANT to give their babies up. They do so because they are in a desperate situation, and have few resources.

And if you really wanted to "help" these women you would try to assist them in keeping their own children, instead of helping yourself to them. Children are (except in the cases of abuse, addiction or profound neglect) much better off with their families, instead of being raised by strangers. Just because you are infertile doesn't mean you deserve someone else's child.

And chances are, IF you ever find a baby to adopt, you will be spending A LOT of money ($20-40K) on attorneys. No money goes to the women who made the child, so technically you would not be "buying" the baby, you'll be paying off the wealthy middle man.

Hope that helped.

ETA: Kristy/Googly/Whatever:

Direct quote from the questioner:

"The problem is that we do not know where to find those women looking for help."

She's looking to HELP herself to someone else's baby, just like you did.

Advertise, create a website? Dunno. Good luck.

This is really not the forum you should be using. Try calling an adoption agency or social worker to obtain the information you desire.

Sunny: The questions wasn't how can she help the mother, it was how can she finds a woman who wants to "give her baby up for adoption". She's looking to become a parent- not a caretaker/nanny to an adult.

You will require a homestudy which is usually done by an agency or independent social worker. You do not have to place through an agency, but you do require a homestudy for any legal adoption in the US.

Some states only allow adoptions through agencies, so check your state laws. Other states allow lawyers to match adoptive families to potential birth mothers. In either case, if you find a birth mother on your own your fees will be lower since the agency/lawyer did not perform the match. You can do this through networking and advertising.

*i <3 twilight*
There are tons of teens up here who wanna get an abortion cuz they are pregnant contact one of those girls by typing in pregnant teens and see who is pregnant.

Evil J
Try craigslist

im 5 weeks pregnant..i have no money to feed my child...im here at the philippines...takenote im a prostitute..i worked in a private company with a very small salary..i have already two sons..here's my email pooh18_23@yahoo.com

I am willing to adopt a baby as well. My husband and I have been trying for awhile now with no success. We have a large family and lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Plus two parents with SO much unconditional love. Contact me holliday. stacy @yahoo.con

hi all we are looking to give a baby lots of love and a wonderful life we have a nursery all fixed up and have everything you need already even diapers lol we are ready if there is anyone that was not ready to have a baby and wants to give it a happy home let me know email us at lnb4ever06@aol.com

Hello , my husband and I are looking for a home for our son. we were wondering if there is someone out there looking to adopt. you can contact us directly using velezs45@yahoo.com

I am 20 year old female who is currently pregnant for 6 months already. I am searching for a couple or family who wants to adopt a baby. I will be glad to give him/her to them in exchange of a good future. My boyfriend left me upon knowing my condition. He won't take any responsibility on the baby because according to him he is not prepared yet. I am struggling now about my condition. Can someone help me? I am scared right now. Please help me. I hope this site would help me. Please contact me if you and your spouse are interested.

breanna, my husband and I are dying for a baby and I have endometriosis and cant have any children and would love to talk to you. I am a psychologists and my husband is a music teacher please contact me asap. pam plubahn99@aol.com

i am 23 i cant have kids i know there there is teen out there that are pregnat wanting to give it up i want to start a family so if anyone can help hit me up plz

Brenna G
I am 32 year old female currently pregnant only at 6 weeks. I am happy to carry it to term and will gladly give my baby to a family who can afford to give it proper care as long as I am cared for in the interrim. My boyfriend left me and I am struggling for money....very scared as to what to do next. Dont know if this is the forum....please contact me if you and your spouse would want my baby.

brenna g my husband and i are childless and have a love for children. we are finacally stable and would like to talk to you in person about your situation.we would like to help.

brenna g willing help contact me amybanks35@yahoo.com

My husband and I are willing to help any mother that can't care For her child.

lisa miller
gracii192 there is no contact info for you a number or email I am very interested in adopting me and my husband have unconditional love we want to share with a baby I have 2 children 6 and 8 and would like another to give my love to but do not want to become pregnant when there are so many children in this world that are out there for adoption that need love because the birth parents are unable to do it at this time in their lives due to many different circumstances please contact me so we can discuss the matter either through email and I will email back with a phone number so we can talk this through and see what you think an what options you have. Thank you very much Lisa miller, and again please email me to exchange contact info/ phone numbers and talk. email address is lisa03060@yahoo.com.

I'm looking for a young lady who needs help and wants to give here baby or babies to a good home as for myself I lost my babies about 3months ago so I have so much love to give me and my husband and we are looking for a baby asap I have all the things a little baby boy would need so if there's any one out there who needs the help please let me know asap leave a message in my email so I can call you and God bless you.

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