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How did YOU feel after giving your baby up for adoption? (if you did so)?
Find answers to your legal question.

How did YOU feel after giving your baby up for adoption? (if you did so)?


just live your life.
i gave birth to my son & kept him.
he is the light of my life.
he is 2yrs old & couldn't imagine a day with out him.

if i would have given him up i think i would be devestated every day wondering what he was doing, if he was treated well, what he was wearing, if he was talking, walking, etc.
every time you would see a child the age of the one you gave up you would always wonder... ya know!

i can't imagine.

Most natural mothers don't "give away their baby," most are coerced. However, in light of answering your question about how it "feels" - numb, powerless, confusing and WRONG. These "feelings" don't cease, even after blissful reunions.

I was fortunate that I did not get pregnant during the times of forced surrenders, so I never had to experience that living hell. Unfortunately, some of my family members did. They describe it as:

1) being buried alive
2) living life without a single completely happy moment
3) incapable of ever taking a single deep cleansing breath

I felt like crap. I cried for almost 30 years and then I went looking and found her. That was in 2001. I still feel the guilt of giving her away. She has forgiven me but I find it hard to forgive myself.

I felt like I should have had the good sense to bleed out on the delivery table. It is a pain deeper than I ever imagined.
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Andraya - Snark's Sister
I felt like my life was over and in many ways it was. My faith died that day, faith in a higher power, humanity, family etc.

I didn't give my son up, I was bullied and lied into it so no I will never get over it. Reunion has made it worse so it's just another thing I have learnt to deal with.

Having been abandoned to adoption myself, I would never do that to my child (nor to anyone else's). I kept my daughter.

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